29-Year-old female paraglider pilot lands in tree

A paraglider landed in a beech tree near arnshausen on sunday. The young woman from the district of offenbach had possibly misjudged the winds around the forest aisle below the wittelsbach tower. Other paragliders assumed that she chose to land in a tree for safety’s sake. With hypothermia and shock, but otherwise uninjured, she was taken to the hospital for observation.

Popular take-off site with north wind

the accident happened shortly after 12.30 o’clock. Around 15 paragliders were flying in and above the wittelsbacher turm at the time. The site is especially popular when the wind comes from the north. "This is one of the few places far and wide for this wind direction", reports christian schlagel. The 25-year-old had come to arnshausen from wiesentheid. "The launch site here is not easy", he knows from his own experience, and: "something like this can happen very quickly."

One problem at the launch site below the wittelsbacher tower is that the slope does not reach all the way down into the valley. "Slope take-offs are always a bit more difficult, on open terrain you just land", also says burkard kuhn, the terrain officer at the saaletal paragliding club. The association has permission from the property owners to take off and land paragliders on the 385-meter-high slope and on a meadow about a hundred meters below.

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Subsidies from the free state relieve the burden on the district youth welfare budget

The youth welfare committee of the hassberge district dealt with the 2020 budget. Overall, expenses and income fall significantly. The grant requirement for youth services, including personnel costs and other allocations, increases minimally (less than 0.3 percent) to 7.93 million euros. One reason for this is the lower cost of assuming kindergarten fees.

Costs are falling

At the presentation of the budget, the head of the district youth welfare office, christoph schramm, pointed out that the need for subsidies has risen steadily since 2013. The significantly lower accounting result in 2017 was striking. The background: there had been several disputes about reimbursement of costs for children living in homes. The district youth welfare office has now received cost reimbursements of 55,000 euros per child and year for five children in care, backdated for several years at a time – making a total of almost one million euros.

Christoph schramm, head of the youth welfare office, is pleased that the county’s share of own funds has stagnated and hopes to be able to save further costs.

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Brose bamberg seeks new sporting director

Brose bamberg seeks new sporting director

Two days after the bang of the basketball cup triumph, brose bamberg has followed up with another: the nine-time german champion has parted ways with sport director ginas rutkauskas. In addition, the coach of the 2. Liga proa strongly relegation-threatened farm team baunach young pikes, felix czerny, to take his hat off.

"Completion of the "personnel restructuring was the headline of the press release sent out by brose bamberg late tuesday evening. However, the two appointments did not come as a surprise. The lithuanian rutkauskas was criticized for months because of his squad planning for this season, czerny was the desolate performance of the last in the table recently in the basement derby at the penultimate in hanau to the doom. The game was lost with 55:88. While co-coach mario dugandzic and brose youth coordinator yassin idbihi will be in charge of the young pikes until further notice, a successor for rutkauskas has not yet been determined. "We are on the lookout for a new sporting director, but we do not see ourselves under time pressure, said media director thorsten vogt. The contract of the 56-year-old rutkauskas, who has been with the team since 1. September 2017 will not end until july 2020.

"During the current planning for the coming season, it has become clear that he and we have different views on the composition of the team. We want to return to our identity, to the ‘bamberg way’, which focuses on the development of young players, arne dirks justified the separation from rutkauskas in the press release. The managing director of brose bamberg was not available to provide further information to our newspaper.

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Hsg mainfranken flirts with the title fight

The hsg mainfranken women’s handball team seems to have an appetite for more. After last season’s strong second half, when they stormed to fourth place in the landesliga, they are now hungry for further success. Coach steffi placht says: "we want to play at the top. Our squad definitely has what it takes."

The season opener has a banger in store this saturday. For the first trip leads the team from kitzingen, mainbernheim and etwashausen to the 1. Fc nuremberg. The club ladies were relegated from the bavarian league last season and are among the title favorites. "That’s a big one. The very first game will show where we stand and how well we have worked in preparation," says placht.

But the hsg women need have no more than respect for the relegated team: they beat the fcn by a clear margin at their own preparatory tournament at the beginning of september and passed the other tests against the bavarian league teams from stadeln and bayreuth. In the end, the mainfranken team won the one-day competition. It was the successful conclusion of a mixed preparation period. Because placht was constantly missing players for the usual reasons, such as vacation, work or study. "I’ve only very rarely had all the girls at training. It’s a shame, but unfortunately it can’t be helped."After all, we play in a league between fun and competitive sports. So it’s a matter of keeping the girls in good spirits. Team spirit plays a major role here.

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In bad bruckenau: women move the church

The theme was: "silence is out. We talk! Women move the church!", it says in a press release.

Theologian edith fecher, who works as a course chaplain at the state spa in bad bruckenau, began her talk with a look at the current situation and the movements in the church on the women’s issue. In an overview, she presented the arguments of the ecclesiastical magisterium against equal rights, ordination and access to the ministry. With examples from the bible and church history, however, she was able to prove that women did indeed lead congregations and hold offices.

Argumentation aids for equal rights

With the "maria 2" movement.0" women advocate for equal rights in the church. Edith fecher, who works as a pastoral officer in the diocese of wurzburg, pointed out that other initiatives around the world are now fighting for this equality. With argumentation aids for equal rights, she gave material to participate in the discussions about it. According to fecher, this can be used to competently refute arguments against the ordination of women. The apostolic letter "ordinatio sacerdotalis" from 1994 is often cited as one of the main arguments against the ordination of women by pope john paul ii. From 1994 is often cited as one of the main arguments against the ordination of women, but its universal validity is now controversial among theologians.

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Wohnbau moves over christmas

Simple, functional and yet beautiful – wohnbau managing director christian meyer particularly likes this verdict on the remodeled rooms in mauer 12. Since february, the former fashion house matzer& worsch is being converted into an office building for the subsidiary of the city of coburg – and a poster on the scaffolded facade has been proclaiming for just as long: "we don’t know exactly when we’ll be opening – but it will be on time."
on time – there is now also a date for this term: the 22nd day of the year. December will be the last day for the employees in their old domicile in heiligkreuzstrasse, as meyer reports. From 27. December until 4. January, i.E. Over christmas, the move of the approximately 60 employees to the wall will take place. "On 8. On january we will resume our business here."

Staircase moves to the center

if you still remember the women’s department of the former fashion house, you will immediately notice that the staircase is no longer where it used to be. "We have completely turned the building upside down", explains coburg architect lutz wallenstein from the office archi viva at the viewing appointment on monday afternoon. "We needed the exterior facade to create daylight workstations for the employees." the staircase has been moved to the center of the large room, where it does not take up any window space. The rear exit to nagleinsgasse was closed off for the same purpose.
On the second floor, too, the offices are arranged around the open stairwell. A passage leads to the building mauer 14, which also belongs to the complex. Among others, the economic development agency (wifog) of the city of coburg will move in here as a tenant in the coming year (see report below). More tenants to follow. Meyer: "we are still thinking about what we will give away, what we will use ourselves."

Large part is rented

that wohnbau has decided in favor of the former matzer& the decision to use worsch as its home, which meant converting a sprawling fashion house into an office building, presented the planners with quite a challenge. It would have been all too easy for the spacious areas to tempt wohnbau to spread out completely over the two buildings mauer 12 and 14, says meyer. Instead they decided to rent out most of the space. In order to attract more offices, the architects went one floor higher and converted the former storage rooms in the roof.
As far as costs are concerned, meyer does not want to give any figures at the moment. Only this much: "we keep the framework, which we had set for ourselves. And this solution is much cheaper than if we had built a new one." he estimates that the cost of a new building will be at least 20 to 25 percent lower than the cost of a new building. Not to mention the central location within walking distance of the town hall. Wohnbau would probably have had to do without them if the new building had been built.

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Free and outside in bad kissingen

Free and outside in bad kissingen

Since last autumn the planning for the admission-free open-air is running. "After the festival is before the festival, says stierstorfer, who is now in charge of organizing the festival for the second time – since the retirement of long-time head tobias schneider. And there is a lot to organize: the logistics have to be planned and countless band applications have to be listened through. People have to be organized, work plans have to be drawn up, and – very importantly – the financing has to be in place.

Worry about the weather

"it is already difficult to finance all this only by some sponsors and the beverage sales. And if the weather is as bad as it was last year, things look very bleak", says stierstorfer – at the time, hail and thunderstorms had pushed visitor numbers down significantly. In 2013, the responsible person and his helpers hope for better weather and thus for significantly more visitors.

A colorful program

in any case, the program is a colorful mix. As usual the lineup consists mainly of bands from the lower franconian region. The band soundladen comes from bad kissingen and had their first gig at the u&d last year. In the meantime, the boys and girls have already played a lot of gigs and were able to survive several rounds of the newcomer band contest emergenza, which led them to the batschkapp (that’s a rock club) in frankfurt.

Also taking part are, for example, the ska-punkers from rafiki, the rockabilly band surfin’ safari or the munich four-women-indie-rock-band candelilla. The "godzilla was a friend of mine" formation are old veterans and have played the u&d stages several times already. In addition to the bands mentioned above, 21 other bands will play on the two "umsonst-und-drauben" stages – so there should be something to suit almost every musical taste.

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Bayern and schalke in the round of 16 – freiburg breathes a sigh of relief

Bayern and schalke in the round of 16 - freiburg breathes a sigh of relief

Defending champions fc bayern munchen have reached the eighth final of the dfb cup with a solid showing. Last season’s treble winners won their second-round home match against hannover 96 4:1 (2:1).

Schalke 04 and sc freiburg also through to third round. "Konigsblau" ended the cup fairy tale of third division sv darmstadt 98 with a 3:1 (1:1), freiburg took revenge for last season’s semifinal exit with a 2:1 (0:0) in the baden-wurttemberg duel with vfb stuttgart.

In total, ten first division teams, five second division teams and the 1. Fc saarbrucken only one third-division club left in the field of eighth-finalists. While eintracht frankfurt comfortably knocked out second-division side vfl bochum 2-0 (2-0), hertha bsc lost 3-1 (1-0) at 1. Fc kaiserslautern. Meanwhile, third-league team 1. Fc saarbrucken a cup shocker. After werder bremen, the traditional club also knocked second-division sc paderborn out of the competition with a 2:1 (2:0) win. In a duel between two second-division teams, fsv frankfurt lost 0:2 (0:1) at home to fc ingolstadt, while 1. Fc union berlin solved their compulsory task at vfl osnabruck with 1:0 (1:0).

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Armstrong implicates former uci chief verbruggen

Armstrong implicates former UCI chief verbruggen

Lance armstrong spills the beans. The dethroned tour de france record winner has dragged cycling’s world governing body (uci) into the biggest doping scandal and heavily incriminated former uci boss hein verbruggen.

According to the american, the current uci honorary president helped cover up armstrong’s positive doping test in 1999. "Hein just said, ‘this is a real problem for me, this is the k.O.-blow to our sport – one year after festina. This is how we have to come up with something.So we backdated the prescription," armstrong said in an interview with the daily mail, referring to a positive test for cortisone at the 1999 tour de france.

Verbruggen, the longtime intimate of former ioc president jacques rogge, declined to comment on the case to cyclingnews and could not be reached for comment by dpa. In the past, the current uci honorary president had always denied having been involved in the cover-up of armstrong’s positive samples. He also wrote this to the national federations: "i have never acted inappropriately, my conscience is absolutely clean. I do not accept that my integrity is called into question."

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Spd vote on groko achieves minimum turnout

SPD vote on groko achieves minimum turnout

After just three days, a fifth of those eligible to vote took part in the spd referendum on the coalition agreement with the union – this means that the quorum has been reached and the vote is now binding.

That’s what a spokeswoman for the party told the ard "tagesschau" on friday. The vote had begun on tuesday. The total of 463.723 social democrats eligible to vote still have until next friday to cast their ballots. On 4. The results are to be announced in march. Resistance to another grand coalition is strong in parts of the party.

Faction leader andrea nahles, who is to be elected party leader in april, defended the coalition agreement in a live video on facebook. She called her candidacy for the party chairmanship a way to keep the spd recognizable even in a renewed grand coalition with the cdu and csu. If you combine the chairmanship of the parliamentary group and the party, but separate them from government offices, that creates space for issues and debates about the future "beyond the government.

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