15.20 Euros per hour is the new minimum wage in the construction industry

For 1030 construction workers in the district of kulmbach, the following has applied since 1. March a new minimum wage. 78 construction companies must now pay skilled workers at least 15.20 euros per hour. Even semi-skilled workers are entitled to 43 euros more per month, according to the ig bauen-agrar-umwelt (ig bau) trade union.

The wage floor is a must for all construction companies. According to the

Employment agency in the district 1030 people.

Ig bau upper franconia speaks of an "overdue wage increase" – appeals to skilled workers, however, to demand payment according to the collective wage agreement in any case or to change companies.

"The minimum wage is good, but the collectively agreed wage is better. No decent construction worker should work for less", according to district manager gerald nicklas. The collectively agreed wage is currently 20.63 euros per hour.

"The boom in the construction industry continues. Many companies are desperately looking for qualified employees. That’s why construction workers shouldn’t sell themselves short – it won’t work without them", says nicklas.

Last year, the industry recorded incoming orders of almost 80 billion euros nationwide. This is the highest value in 24 years, according to the federal statistical office.

In march, the minimum wage for the simplest unskilled labor also increased. Unskilled workers now get at least 12.20 euros an hour. According to

Trade unionist nicklas, however, some companies are trying to fob off skilled workers with the helper wage. "But this is illegal and can be very expensive for the employer in the event of a customs inspection."