Breakfast: deep truth about zoff city councilor

breakfast: deep truth about zoff city councilor

The fruit from the tree of knowledge must be a huge seller this year. The french voted out their big-flap president sarkozy because of the permanent dose of hot air.

After vain attempts to score political goals via the left wing, the left in germany is practicing consistent self-dissolution. It is still unclear whether ex-leader lafontaine will be allowed to dig the grave. And even chancellor angela merkel shows active realism – with the dismissal of chair-sawyer rottgen.

The knowledge of deep truths has already arrived even one floor below. In the volkach city council. On monday, the state government discussed a lenient gift to sweeten the farewell of 700 soldiers from the mainfranken barracks: the state wants to pay two managers – one for energy and one for land marketing – for three years (around 500,000 euros) if the district, volkach, nordheim and kitzingen (because of the u.S. Withdrawal) bear ten percent of the costs as users.

"A chance" and cheap, say the people of volkach. Clear yes in the city council. And worry. Let’s hope the people of kitzingen don’t vote against this thursday. You never know with them . . . The way they’ve been bickering lately. And even need a professional peacemaker to make sure things don’t go to shit when you vote. If the wrong person in the kitzingen city council is now in favor of the managers offered by the state, are the right ones against it?? Or maybe the whole thing will fall apart because the right people get it wrong and say "no, thank you".

Done, done. Things are not that crazy in kitzingen. On the contrary: the majority of kitzingen’s city councilors are far ahead of their time – as can be seen, for example, during budget discussions. But not always in the right direction.