Emma is the first mermaid of the fountain

When the four men picked up emma schnapp on saturday evening, she probably didn’t know exactly what she was in for. But the 13-year-old was sure of one thing: she wouldn’t be thrown into the water. "I know them all, i know they’re fun – but not this," the preacher said, according to the 13 year old around 21.45 o’clock sitting with her friends under the lime tree at the bell tower. Now she is the mermaid of the fountain, the first and only one in schonbrunn. Emma i., if you will.

"Scho’ – schonner – scho’ brunner" – this idiosyncratic comparative was worn by helpers of the village festival on their t-shirts. And they are right, because schonbrunn is beautiful and showed itself from its best side at the weekend. That also consists of sociability and cohesion. Celebrations for this have tradition, but this time something should be different. Under the motto "holiday evening under the bell tower" should a fountain mermaid be chosen.

This idea was born in the circle of the flower and garden friends as well as the sport friends schonbrunn, two associations, which were also responsible for the realization of the festival. "A celebration for the village community in summer", michael schnapp called the event, to which he fried brutwurste at a stand and had an overview. What he saw were decorated drink and food stands, lots of stretched umbrellas that became lights and hung on strings above the action, the beer benches and the impressive fountain that adjoins the old pumphaus. From this or. Its bell, the festival also got its motto.

A local inspection

That it would be schnapp’s daughter, of all people, who had been persuaded by her friends anna hess and katharina lieb to take part in the election for the first mermaid of the fountain, is something he would perhaps never have dreamed of. Actually it was not a choice, it was rather an amiable local knowledge examination, which altogether four young women in the presence of the korbstadt queen alicia i. Had to complete.

The questions: how many steps does the fountain have?? How many umbrellas hang over the festival square?? What kind of tree is that by the fountain?? Or: how many legs does a mermaid have?? Emma schnapp showed the most insight when it came to these questions and was led off the pitch.

But only to slip into a costume on which there was a fin instead of legs. The young woman was enthroned by four strong men, who with their enormous blue wigs might also be legendary fountain dwellers, lifted onto the throne and carried through the town to the place of her reign.

There, in the fountain, surrounded by water, a dry place was reserved for her, while the wearers stood knee-high and shod in the water for the pleasure of the many visitors.

"She will learn from the newspaper that she will play a leading role in club celebrations", oliver hofmann joked about something like the duties of a regent. He also whimsically promises her a privilege: she has "a year’s free water at the fountain".

And emma schnapp? The high school student was almost professional in her dealings with the media and, when asked about a possible title defense in the coming year, explained: "a year has 365 days – who knows what else will happen?.