Especially valuable reading material

Especially valuable reading material

It took a little longer, but now he is here: the new herzogenaurach town clerk. Since 1997, the druckwerk has been produced under the auspices of the heimatverein. In the city writer, certain historical events are remembered and almost forgotten things are recalled to the readers’ memory. But it is also a journey through the events to which the local history society had invited in the years between the publications.

The eleventh edition covers the years 2016 to 2018. That there is a "slight delay" the chairman of the local history society, klaus-peter gabelein, said. "Technology threw a spanner in the works." because shortly before the actual publication "crashed" the computer crashed, all data seemed to be lost. It took a lengthy and costly data recovery operation to retrieve the lost data sets and thus the texts again. "From harm comes wisdom, from harm comes poverty!", gabelein explained with a smile.

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In principle, this is a particularly valuable town recorder, which has now been handed over to the mayor german hacker by the main players of the heimatverein. On 232 the stories and incidents are included, which were created by the authors manfred welker, klaus-peter gabelein, christian kindler and rainer groh. Photos, including some from the archives of the frankischer tage and editor bernhard panzer, illustrate the edition, which is now going out to the public with 1000 copies.

Reading on thursday

"19,90 euro costs the single copy", explains christian kindler. But the printing costs are high, sponsoring is becoming more and more difficult. A reason to thank separately the sponsors who have contributed to the writing. "Many a big company is missing", regretted gabelein. Ultimately, the city writer is not intended to be a substitute for the local history books, as the foreword states. In addition to historical remembrance, current events in and around herzogenaurach are also to be reflected.

The fact that the sales price is almost the same as the contribution to the local association also has a further incentive, however. "Add a little something and you’ve paid the association’s annual dues, and as a bonus – among many other benefits – you also get this city writer for free", the club representatives explained. This will certainly play a role for one or the other buyer. A first chance to purchase the book will be on thursday, starting at 7 pm at the bucherstube. There the book is presented and accompanied with a reading. Or as written: joined the association.

Hacker honored the town clerk as an important collection in and for the town. "The true value will probably only be seen in the future", he explained on receiving the first copy.