Fc 05 schweinfurt seems ready for schalke 04

Fc 04 ingolstadt – fc 05 schweinfurt 0:2 (0:1). Goals: 0:1 martin thomann (32.), 0:2 florian pieper (77.).

He would have wanted to talk for hours on this saturday afternoon, which was as sunny as coach tobias strobl's cozy home. His team had just finished its preparation for the season with an outstanding record of seven wins, one draw and 44:2 goals. The last piece of the mosaic was the 2:0 (1:0) win at the third league top team fc 04 ingolstadt. Fc 05 schweinfurt thus appears to be ready for the cup match next sunday at fc schalke 04. And strobl said: "even if we can't buy anything from it, it looks very good how the team plays soccer. We are very sure of the ball and show beautiful stafetten."

The victory could have been even more emphatic than 4:0. But because florian pieper (48.) and kevin fery (57.) did not score, but only martin thomann with a well-considered shot (32.) and pieper with a tap-in after a great fery counterattack (77.) it remained closer than it had looked over long stretches. Strobl was not surprised by this: "everyone, and i stress everyone, in the squad has performed superbly in training over the last few weeks. We are in a great position in terms of breadth."

Reassuring insights

In ingolstadt, there were definitely insights that should also provide peace of mind for the coach. For example, the performance of amar suljic, who was extremely nimble in the forward line for a half after his three-quarter injury layoff. Or the spirited presentation of martin thomann.

Not only did he shout out all the tension after his goal; he was also bursting with ambition and motivation right up to the break. "He lives the game. That will help us for the rest of the season, the transfer from aubstadt was definitely worth it", strobl praised the brawny midfielder. And then there was the only 20-year-old nicolas pfarr on the right, for him unaccustomed outside defender position, where he bought the tail off the ingolstadt players in series.

A year ago, the schweinfurt team had a problem with its central defense, which was good but thin. Now billick, yarbrough and kratschmer are out – and she stands like a one against a third league team. Newcomers nico rinderknecht and david grozinger barely let a ball through.

Strobl is hoping for a similarly bold performance at schalke as in golstadt: whether with a 4-4-2 with a diamond or a 3-5-2 system, it should be attack-minded. The 32-year-old, whose signature stands for fast position changes and rapid switching play, will not let the bundesliga team act defensively either. Currently, he can be happy about something positive: namely, that all corona tests of the team and the responsible persons have turned out negative. Two more tests in the next few days.