Gerland not only puts up the hats

Gerland not only puts up the hats

"I’m the one who puts up the hats", says hermann gerland and laughs. Of course, this is a gross understatement and he knows it himself. The 57-year-old was so ambitious, not only as an active player, that "no opponent wanted to play against me, but also as a trainer. Together with his colleague peter hermann, the co-coach of fc bayern munchen answered questions in wendelstein in the district of roth.

In a fittingly 90-minute panel discussion, the two soccer coaches talked about their professional careers and the current state of their work at fc bayern. Gerard monin, chairman of the central franconia soccer coaches’ association (gft), was able to convince gerland and hermann to appear as guest speakers at an advanced training course. Hermann gerland embodies the successful youth work of fc bayern munchen like no other, has discovered and promoted talents like philipp lahm, bastian schweinsteiger or thomas muller.

For the more than 100 amateur coaches present, it was "a real treat" has been happy to learn from experienced professionals, says monin. The former vice president of the 1. Fc nurnberg had used its contacts to lure the two co-coaches from munich to wendelstein. Like monin, hermann gerland and peter hermann are both associated with 1. Fc nurnberg as well as fc bayern munchen. Gerland was head coach at nuremberg in the late 80s and mid 90s and hermann was co-coach of michael oenning in the 2008/09 promotion season.

Bond with the club

the bond with the club is still there for both of them, but it is "becoming less and less with time, that’s clear", peter hermann admits. Mainly still in contact with former colleagues. Both have a close friendship with dieter nussing. The former club player and current athletic director of the junior training center of the 1. Fcn is also present in wendelstein.

However, the two coaches are confident that the club will stay in the league. "The team from nuremberg is very strong and biting, they won’t be able to get in at the bottom", gerland is convinced. However, the two bavarian clubs cannot be compared, as the differences in quality are too great for that. "Fc bayern simply has the best players in germany," says hermann gerland, says gerland.

Born in bochum, he lives and breathes fc bayern through and through, which is what he makes of it no hehl. When louis van gaal wanted him as co-coach when he took over in 2009, he did so "without thinking. "I am a servant of fc bayern munchen", says gerland and means it. You can tell it must have been hard for him to give up his post as coach of the bayern amateurs.

15 years for the next generation

for almost 15 years he was responsible for the junior department of the munich club. There he earned his reputation as an excellent promoter of youth and discoverer of talent. There is no secret: "i can only do my best every day, but that is not always enough."

Modesty is also a virtue that distinguishes peter hermann. Like gerland, he is a busy worker in the background. His soccer career is closely linked to leverkusen: first as a player for eight years, then as co-coach at bayer. Hermann modestly describes the fact that for 20 years no head coach in leverkusen wanted to do without his qualities as "luck from. In the end, it was only bruno labbadia who insisted on his long-time assistant and thus made hermann’s brief guest appearance in nuremberg possible. The "eternal co-coach" had great ambitions as head coach never.

Another link in the career of hermann gerland and peter hermann is jupp heynckes. In 2011, the bayern coach brought hermann to munich as his co-coach from bayer leverkusen. "A huge opportunity was the decision to go to fc bayern munchen with heynckes, the 60-year-old says. He has a lot of respect for his head coach, whom he describes as "very correct and decent, very honest" describes.
Gerland can only agree with him: "jupp was great as a player, is outstanding as a coach and even better as a person." both have a nice story in common: heynckes, as a coach at bayern in the early 90s, was "responsible for me making the youth at bayern", hermann gerland remembers.

An exciting season

today they are reunited as the people responsible for the professionals of fc bayern munchen and are experiencing an exciting season. Especially at the beginning of the second half of the season, when things were not going well, the pressure was immense. "In this respect, bavaria is a completely different house than other clubs. That’s why i have great respect for every head coach who was once with the fcb, peter hermann admits.

One building block of the sporting upswing at bayern was the transfer of philipp lahm from the left to the right outside-back position. When asked about this, hermann says that in such decisions "sometimes it’s also a coincidence, because rafinha was ill and david alaba had a really invigorating effect right away".
Manuel neuer has definitely arrived in munich by now "he is very professional, trains excellently, plays excellently", so hermann. Gerland describes him as "the best goalkeeper in germany" and takes him to task for some blunders this season, because "he simply can’t excel as often with us as he does with other clubs".

The decisive factor, he says, is the quality of being able to withstand the enormous pressure at fc bayern goalkeepers rensing and kraft missing, says hermann gerland. The big dream of the team and the coaching staff is the champions league final in their home stadium in munich. Maybe hermann gerland just has to put the hats in the right place during the training session.

Gft central franconia

chairman for over 40 years, gerard monin, a qualified engineer, has now been involved as a sports official. He is unusually a member of the 1. Fc nurnberg and fc bayern munchen, because for him it’s not just the "blind club idea" that counts count. He has his fingers crossed for the bavarians at the international level, but he is "100 percent a club fan".

Meetings five times a year the gft mittelfranken takes place. Monin regularly attracts well-known guests from the world of soccer: highlights were the appearances of felix magath and st. Pauli’s cult goalkeeper klaus thomforde.