Jubilee communion 2017

On this sunday, the impressive number of seventy jubilarians gathered in hannberg.
40, 50, 60 or 70 years ago, they had solemnly made their first holy communion here and wanted to commemorate this day. The jubilarians entered the church after the blessing of the jubilee candles. After the festive entrance, the jubilarians renewed their baptismal vows with lighted candles and took over readings and intercessions in the service. Candles had been lit for deceased jubilarians and the deceased of the years.
In the sermon, pastor rebhan referred to the image of the easter candle. It shows a cross, which is composed like a mosaic of small plates of different colors. Every person’s life is like such a life mosaic, composed of different experiences. Some are special experiences with god and from faith – such as a first communion, but also daily prayers and the attitude of a basic trust in god. These are often shown shining or golden. Especially on days like a jubilee communion, it is good to consciously and gratefully perceive these shining stones of faith in one’s own life.
The jubilarians received christ’s body and blood in communion, in the forms of bread and wine. After the service, the procession was accompanied by the youth band of grobenseebach, which also provided a musical finale in the weir complex.
In the afternoon, the jubilarians gathered once again in the church for a prayer of thanksgiving. Afterwards the jubilarians met in the andreassaal, where the committee "festivities and celebrations" had taken over the hospitality with coffee and cake in a proven way.