No more video surveillance on coburg’s steinweg

The evaluation of the trial operation of a video surveillance system in steinweg, which lasted several months, has been completed. Accordingly, there was no reduction in security-related crimes in the months of april to june inclusive, so that a continuation is "currently not planned is. This was announced by the police headquarters of upper franconia on friday.

On easter sunday, a trial operation of a video surveillance system in the steinweg started, initially planned for two months. The reason for this measure was the "kneipenmeile" (pub mile) steinweg again and again registered crimes, which occur predominantly at the typical going out times. Recordings were therefore made on saturdays, sundays and public holidays between 0 and 6 a.M. The operation of the cameras was extended by june. After the end of the trial operation, the police headquarters of upper franconia, in close cooperation with the coburg police department, evaluated and assessed the operation.

"A noticeable reduction in the number of offences could not be determined", it says now in the message of the police headquarters upper franconia. In fact, the coburg police recorded even more offenses against persons compared to the average number in previous years. During the period, the police recorded 19 offenses instead of the average of 17 offenses in previous years. "The increase, however, is probably due to the mild weather, which is good for the time of year", suspects the police.

In the area of vandalism, there has been no change in one detected offense.

As "advantageous" however, the police admit that the existence of conclusive images in connection with investigative measures has proven to be a problem. However, with only three months to go, it is not possible to determine whether a preventive effect has been achieved. However, the results were submitted to the bavarian state ministry of the interior and for integration.

In conclusion, the statement from the police headquarters in upper franconia reads: "the coburg police will continue to focus on being present in steinweg, especially at the relevant times of night. Better lighting, which has already been discussed by the city of coburg in the past, or the establishment of a security guard to supplement police activities are also suitable instruments for increasing security in this area. A continuation of the video surveillance in steinweg is currently not planned."