Nonfood discounter takes over from solarium

The days of the tanning salon at the "oberer tor are counted. The property will not be vacant, however, because a new tenant has already been found. The non-food retailer tedi is to move in.

The product range of the discounter, a subsidiary of the tengelmann group, is to be offered on an area of 513 square meters – the areas of the current tanning salon and a former sports store, which are being merged.

Hard to classify

The size of the sales area of the "one-euro store the members of the building committee were concerned. The range of products offered by the company, which is described as everyday consumer goods, is difficult to classify, according to alexander ebert from the city’s building department. These included household, party, do-it-yourself and electrical goods, as well as stationery and toys, and drugstore and cosmetics products. Seasonal articles would also be added.

The sum of the net sales areas in the entire "retail and services" special area at the upper gate is exactly defined. For example, certain sales areas may not be exceeded in different assortment areas. The variety of products and the rapid change in product ranges make it difficult to classify them. Thus the bow in the range sport, play and hobby is far stretched.

Compromise proposed

Ebert proposed to accept a slight overrun of the sales area in the areas of health and personal care as well as sports, games and hobbies. In the health and personal care sector, the dm drugstore has already completely exhausted its capacity of 710 square meters.

However, since tedi only needs 39 square meters for this assortment, the building committee approved this overrun. In the case of sports, games and hobbies, which include decorations and party articles as well as artists’ requisites, gift packaging, tools, toys, pet and garden supplies, tedi’s concept shows 32.1 square meters of space.

Acceptable, the members of the building committee thought, especially since they attested to the offer’s compatibility with the city center. In percentage terms, the excess in the drugstore sector is 4.1 percent, and 3.5 percent in the cosmetics sector.At least this will prevent a vacancy.

"Kik is out, tedi fits in", found city councilor ludwig brutting. He is right, because kik is also a subsidiary of tengelmann.