Peace must be prayed for

"Show evil the red card, then good will prevail." dean thomas hauth showed as a festival preacher of 72. Peace pilgrimage on how to intervene in peace with faith and prayer. "It remains a mystery of humanity why it leads itself again and again to an abyss", said the preacher. 100 years have passed since the first great war gripped the entire world. After this and the following catastrophes of humanity, the wish "never again war" follows like an oath!

Standard goes to the racecourse

to the 72. On the occasion of the first peace pilgrimage, the local pastor, father jan poja, welcomed a large number of visitors to the church after collecting the participants on the outskirts of the village. The peace standard was handed over from the parish association of kronach sud to the parish association of rennsteig.

Gudrun kalter said that they had kept their promise and held a monthly prayer meeting for peace in the world in one of the seven parishes. The peace standard had inspired and one could experience new experiences in the prayer for peace. The three hours of prayer were followed by the procession to the peace cross, in which several clergymen participated.

Finally, the new chairman of the deanery council, wolfgang romig, who, after the eucharistic celebration on the anger, thanked all the helpers for carrying out the pilgrimage, was also satisfied. In particular, he thanked parish council chairwoman silvia welscher and the music association windheim for the co-design of this year’s pilgrimage.