Strengthening parents’ backs

At the suggestion of the director of the institute for the blind in kulmbach, karlheinz vollrath, representatives of early intervention centers in upper franconia met with upper franconian district councillors for an exchange of information at the district administration office. The councils were shown how children with special needs are cared for and supported in an interdisciplinary way, in close cooperation with the families. It is enormously important to diagnose developmental problems at a very early stage in order to compensate for deficits with individual support.

After the presentation of the work of the early intervention centers, many questions on the topic were discussed in an interesting exchange between district council members and representatives of the early intervention centers. "Parents must be supported and encouraged to seek help and advice. It is no disgrace if a child still needs support at an early age", emphasized district council vice president dagmar keis-lechner (the green party), who was able to report on her personal experiences. The focus is always on the child, who should follow his or her path through life with the best possible support. All participants were aware that this support requires sufficient funding, which is financed both by health insurance and by the district’s social services administration.

An increase in costs is not only to be seen in the social change, but also in the medical progress, which today already makes living from the age of 23 possible. Can save the first week of pregnancy. There is no question that these premature babies need a lot of support.