The main thing is that someone invests…

Franconia is booming – almost ten million guests came in 2017, 1.8 million of them from abroad. Tendency increasing. Townspeople are amazed at the prices in the "franconian", where the crispy schaufela doesn’t even cost ten euros yet and the small brewery inns are already "a tennerla" when the price of beer goes up – maybe from 2.20 to 2.30 euros – having second thoughts.

Some tourists swear by culinary delights, others by (architectural) culture, such as in picturesque bamberg, while others swear by the wild and romantic nature of the frankenwald or the river valleys of franconian switzerland.

But watch out, tourism managers! Your heile frankische world of the high gloss brochures crumbles. Everywhere is being "cleaned up" now. A municipality flattening two old townhouses in the middle of town. A renovation would be "uneconomical" been – the death sentence for most of the old huts. Tradition and identity are something you have to want to afford. But a new, beautiful tuscany settlement is being built on the green meadow – just like in bielefeld, bottrop or bautzen.

The local councils overturn the last building regulations, even from traditionally franconian roof pitches one wants to have never heard something.

Even in the tourist stronghold of gobweinstein, a discounter was allowed to build a somewhat larger but no less ugly supermarket right next to its now vacant store. Presumably the standard sentence was uttered in the municipal council: "we’ll be glad if someone invests in this…"

Let’s take a look at austria, switzerland or south tyrol. Architects have to invest a lot of brainpower to be allowed to build there. And do they think that there are no supermarkets there any more?