Van rompuy campaigns for mersch on the ecb’s executive board

Van rompuy campaigns for mersch on the ECB's Executive Board

While more women are needed in leadership positions, especially in business and finance, the ecb post needs to be filled "urgently," van rompuy said.

The people’s representatives want a woman in the circle of the six directors. But you can only wish for this, not demand it bindingly. On thursday, parliament votes on luxembourg’s central bank chief mersch, but it cannot stop his appointment.

Eu parliament’s economic committee voted against mersch on monday. The parliamentarians are concerned with the principle, entirely in the sense of the women’s quota, which eu justice commissioner viviane reding wants to enforce in the supervisory boards of corporations.

"We want a woman at the center of the ecb’s power today, and we’re not going to be put off by them," said green co-chair rebecca harms, addressing van rompuy.

On the banking union, the spokespersons of the parliamentary groups urged the governments to act faster. "We need the banking union now and don’t want any delaying tactics," said hannes swoboda, leader of the social democrats’ parliamentary group. Liberal guy verhofstadt also called for rapid implementation of the summit decisions on banking supervision. In his opinion, the timetable is tied to the elections in germany. "If you have to wait every time until the elections in france or now in germany are over, you can’t move anything," he said.

At their autumn summit, the eu heads of state and government agreed on a process for the establishment of european banking supervision. Until the 1. The legal framework should be in place by january 2013 so that the inspectors can start work in the course of the year. The exact schedule remains unclear.