Afd report warns against observation by constitutional protection agency

Afd report warns against observation by constitutional protection agency

An expert appointed by the afd urgently warned the party against using terms such as "uberfremdung" and "umvolkung", as these could provide evidence for observation by the federal office for the protection of the constitution.

In a summary of the report by legal scholar dietrich murswiek, which is available to the deutsche presse-agentur and ard, party members are advised to avoid blanket statements such as "refugees are criminals" or "old parties are corrupt," which disparage certain groups.

In the excerpts from the report commissioned by the afd, a list of "recommendations for action" also includes: "the avoidance of "extremist stimuli" such as "umvolkung", "uberfremdung", "volkstod" or "umerziehung"". It goes on to say: "it is absolutely necessary to refrain from the following statements and behavior: sweeping defamations or disparagement of foreigners/immigrants/refugees/muslims."

The summary of the report was prepared by the afd member of parliament roland hartwig. The former chief legal advisor to a pharmaceutical company heads a working group set up by the party’s executive board to protect the constitution. It is intended to take precautions against a possible observation of the party by the german office for the protection of the constitution (vs).

The lower saxony afd had already given its members instructions this week on how to avoid monitoring the party. In this "handreichung" the state board warns: "if the vs observes a party, in a very short time almost all public service employees will leave that party."The board writes: "now let’s imagine what was going on in the last 12 months on all accounts of the party only in lower saxony."And: "the only remedy is that from now on we will monitor every account of the party and all of its mandate and office holders."

The offices for the protection of the constitution in bremen and lower saxony had decided a few weeks ago to observe the afd youth organizations there. The junge alternative wants to decide this sunday at a national congress whether the two state associations will be dissolved. The bavarian office for the protection of the constitution is currently also monitoring three afd members of the state parliament. Thuringia’s office for the protection of the constitution is currently examining whether to place the afd or parts of the party under observation because of possible anti-constitutional tendencies.

In the past few days, around 1,000 afd members have signed a "stuttgart appeal" complaining about the "insecurity of members" caused by "numerous disciplinary and expulsion proceedings" that have already been initiated or are in preparation. The appeal also states: "we oppose all bans on thought and speech within the party". The afd leadership has invited the public to a press conference on the topic of "the afd, the constitutional protection agency and freedom of opinion in germany" in berlin next monday.

The federal office for the protection of the constitution has the task of investigating dangers posed by political extremism and terrorism. If all means of obtaining information from generally accessible sources have been exhausted, the domestic intelligence service may, if necessary, also use so-called intelligence means to obtain information. These include the use of v-men and telephone monitoring.