Complaint drags on

Complaint drags on

Just under a year ago, the civil service complaint filed by andreas tragner (freie wahler) against mayor helmut blank (csu) caused quite a stir. Because munnerstadt police officer matthias kleren had written two letters to the editor, mayor helmut blank called the head of his department, stefan haschke, and informed him that he was considering taking legal action against matthias kleren if he did not report to him. Blank had been even more explicit with our newspaper. "I will file a criminal complaint", he said at the time. Andreas tragner filed the supervision complaint because matthias kleren wrote the letters to the editor as a citizen of the city and not as a police officer. Tragner also saw the mayor’s call as a violation of the principle of neutrality with regard to the upcoming referendum on the indoor swimming pool.

Ten months later, the matter is still not off the table. The answer to a query at the bad kissingen district office is brief. "Since the end of august, all the necessary comments have been received, so that a response is planned for the month of october."

that it has taken so long has various reasons. At first andreas tragner heard nothing. According to the legal supervisory authority, it wrote a letter to andreas tragner only a few days after the complaint was filed. "But it didn’t get through to me", he says. That’s why he followed up again in january 2017. "We are now forwarding your complaint to the city of munnerstadt and requesting a statement on the accusations you have raised from mr. First mayor blank" according to a letter from the supervisory authority to tragner dated january 16. January. The original letter from 5. December 2016 he has also received. "It is probably indisputable that the letter to the editor can be attributed to mr. Kleren as a private person. In connection with your submission, it would have to be clarified whether the first mayor of the city of munnerstadt acted in his capacity as first mayor and representative of the city of munnerstadt, or as a private person (helmut blank). A private person (helmut blank) could of course contact the employer of a letter writer and express his ‘displeasure’", it states. Even in the case of a public official, a distinction must be made between private and official "activity" to distinguish. With regard to tragner’s accusation that mayor helmut blank had interfered in the public discussion on the then pending referendum, it would also be necessary to clarify whether he was acting as mayor or as a private person. If andreas tragner wishes to maintain his submission, stefan haschke and the city of munnerstadt will be asked for their comments. Andreas tragner has stuck with it.

At that time, he informed the legal supervisory authority that helmut blank had left no doubt in the press that he had acted as mayor. "As mayor of the city of munnerstadt, i will not be portrayed as a liar in the press", he said at the time, for example, with regard to the letters to the editor.

Mayor helmut blank, who had been ill for a longer period of time, has meanwhile issued his statement. However, it was not he who wrote it. "I have passed this on to my lawyer", he says. He does not say anything about the content of the proposal. He did not follow through on his announcement at the time that he would file charges against matthias kleren. "I have had this checked by a lawyer, but we have come to the conclusion not to pursue the whole thing any further. For the city of munnerstadt, 3. Mayor axel knauff (spd) wrote a statement, because mayor helmut blank and 2. Mayor andreas tragner yes those affected are. "But it is only a preliminary opinion", says axel knauff. He will not write a final one until the district office has interviewed a person significantly involved in the matter. In the meantime, however, the supervisory authority has said that all the necessary comments have been received. Now the only thing missing is the answer to andreas tragner’s complaint. "I am curious", says helmut blank. And: "i think that there will be a good solution." in the meantime, matthias kleren has succeeded bruno schafer as a city councillor for the independent voters. "I would like to work reasonably with him", says the mayor.