Due to overload: restructuring in the kitzingen building office

Due to overload: restructuring in the Kitzingen building office

The city of kitzingen would do it if it could: it has advertised vacancies for its building department several times in order to remedy its chronic understaffing. But so far without resounding success. Now mayor stefan guntner and the department heads are pulling the ripcord and restructuring the department.

The joint department for building regulations and urban planning is separated. It is hoped that this will enable them to concentrate on their respective areas of work and to find external staff, at least for the urban planning department. Because, according to the administration’s experience with job advertisements, applicants with expertise in both urban planning and building regulations are few and far between. Pure urban planners may be easier to find. The administration is also creating an additional position, because it expects even more work in the future as the city continues to grow.

Internal and external support planned

But the city administration is not stopping there. The construction office also receives internal support. Christiane moser will take over as head of the building code department on a temporary basis, in addition to her data protection duties. Two additional administrative employees will work in the area of building regulations and provide relief. The deployment of internal employees is planned for six months. The goal is to clear the backlog, especially with regard to building permits. The city is thus several months behind schedule in some cases.

This shortcoming should be eliminated in half a year at the latest, as construction manager oliver graumann recently told the city council. And mayor stefan guntner also sees an "urgent need for action", both from the point of view of the applicants and the employees in the building office.