Eight up-and-coming actors from the hacker stage earn great applause

Eight up-and-coming actors from the hacker stage earn great applause

What do young people do when they’re bored in a small town?? They hang around, a disco visit is considered, but without a pick-me-up this does not work for some of them. The youth ensemble of the hackerbuhne took on this problematic topic with "freitagnacht" by stephan greve, directed by karin bohm. The eight performers in the german carnival academy showed their skills in a brilliant and carefree manner.

The audience was carried away by the story: david (tim braunbeck), the only one with a car, drives the friends tanja (franziska jenkner), biene (britta neuerer), nina (tatjana jensen), tom (erik neuerer) and sven (nico theib) to the "air", a disco nearby, and beforehand he got some pick-me-ups from a dealer (lia kunze).

When they have an accident on the way home and a police officer (also lia kunze) finds out that they have a high alcohol content, the mess really starts. Nina, the only one seriously injured, ends up in hospital. Friends blame david for everything and want to sue him. Only eva (anna-lena schwab) sticks to it.

Eva has just moved to town and is bullied by the other young people because she wears her father’s sweater in memory of his death. She has nothing to do with the fashion craze of her peers. Since she was not present at the accident, she only gradually finds out what actually happened. Friendly feelings develop between her and david. And when she helps him out of a financial jam because he owes money to a dealer, there’s a total spark.

In the end everything goes well. David visits nina in the hospital and apologizes to her. Nina doesn’t want to have anything more to do with the others, because she is the only one who sees that everyone is to blame. David is lucky, keeps his apprenticeship and has to do community service.

The long applause of the audience was the deserved reward, which was also given to the director karin bohm. In her closing speech, she thanked the helpers in front of and behind the stage, but also the city of kitzingen and the german carnival academy for their support.