“Greuther swing path” is created in three stages

It should encourage walking and exercise, lead through an idyllic landscape and enhance the local recreational offerings of the marrow community as a new attraction: the planned "greuther schaukelweg" (greuth swing path), a circular path, which is to be equipped with swings and balancing equipment at its stations.

For children and seniors

children should also "hike and swing" along the two-kilometer route with its five individual stations like seniors. The trail is designed in such a way that it can be easily extended later in two stages.
The original idea was to build a 4.5-kilometer-long circular path with nine stations on the vestenbergsgreuth municipal territory. Then the hermersdorf section was dropped from european eler funding. At the level of the local action group, which oversees these leader projects, a reorganization – both of the stations and the funding structure – had to be considered.

Initially five stations

a core path with five stations has emerged. It begins at the visitor parking lot behind the town hall, leads to the tennis courts and past the sewage treatment plant in the direction of dutendorf (see graphic on the right). At dutendorf, the path leads to the organic farm and the orchard, and finally ends at the recreational facility.
The realization of the now revised vestenbergsgreuth swing path requires a total gross amount of 163000 euros. The municipality is hoping for about 60 percent funding from the leader program, but only for the eligible costs of 116,000 euros.
The ancillary construction costs of just under 21,000 euros included in the total costs will not be funded.

Already possible this year

at tuesday’s meeting, landscape architect frieder muller-maatsch presented the updated measure, including the new funding structure, to the community council for decision-making. The leader application for the core path is to be submitted via the lag aischgrund. "The community must guarantee the use and operation of the project for at least twelve years", says the architect.
The core path with the five stations could be implemented this year. "Provided the funding is through", as mayor helmut lottes emphasizes.
The next step would be to extend the swing path to the originally planned length of 4.5 kilometers. It would then have a "station carp economy" and two stations "steigerwald nature park lead with the accompanying info boards.