Have fun with mortar and trowel

"We end our time at oerlenbach middle school with projects for the younger ones." this idea matured after the final exams, before in these days the ninth graders in different groups realize their goals. Some help build the mentor house, others design a learning corner, make a jumping game or design a poster wall.
Principal sonja then is very proud: "that’s really great. The young people come highly motivated every day and purposefully implement their plans with their class teacher christina belting. I am totally enthusiastic about this eagerness. And who says that our students are from the "no-buck" generation?." with their work, the students prove that they are optimally prepared for their next stage in life and that they have developed basic attitudes such as a willingness to learn, perseverance, a sense of responsibility and a sense of responsibility bring team spirit with you.
These requirements are confirmed by master mason wolfgang kaufmann, who is building a mentor house with some of the boys at the edge of the schoolyard. A few years ago, a class of students and their teacher peter iberl built this as part of an internship in schweinfurt. At that time, it could not be set up at the school because the schoolyard was being redesigned. The building materials were stored in the municipal building yard. Now the lineup is underway. Master bricklayer kaufmann is very satisfied with his boys: "they are really getting stuck in, don’t watch the clock, but want to leave a good job behind. I’m happy to take the time to make sure we’re finished by the end of the school year." the students learn how mortar is prepared and applied, how hollow bricks are placed and grouted, how corners are raised and set with a spirit level and string, how lintels are installed over doors and windows. To guarantee stability, a ring beam closes off the foundation walls before the roof truss – which is also prepared – is put in place.

Avoiding accidents

"occupational safety is very important to us", kaufmann emphasizes. "We are constantly cleaning up waste on the construction site to avoid accidents. Also, solid scaffolding is a prerequisite." the young people got a clear impression of what they can expect in their profession. Among them is maximilian gotz, who will start learning bricklaying in the fall at the kiesel construction company in reiterswiesen. "I like it a lot, i’m thrilled. I am already grateful for any tips. Mr. Kaufmann explains and shows us what’s important", he says.
He is assisted by simon bunner, who will be training as a construction equipment operator at the company josef hell (eltingshausen). "Today, more and more machines are being used on the construction site and they have to be constantly looked after and maintained. Skilled workers are needed", kaufmann encourages him. During construction itself, simon learns why the mortar bed has to be applied higher on the outside and how stones are fitted in lengthwise. "This is much better than still teaching", he admits honestly, especially since the qualifying round is over.
Nico hartmann is also a member of the group. In the fall, he starts an apprenticeship as a motor vehicle mechanic.-mechatronics technician at the mohr company in oerlenbach. Now he’s taking the chance to try out a different line of work.
In the corner in front of the school kitchen and the staircase, some girls roll a bright orange on the surfaces. Here they are creating a learning and rest area. When the paint is dry, plan individual elements of the picture: imagine that tables and chairs, perhaps even a couch, invite you to work and relax here. Selina mutzel, katja schreiner, luci schroder and lorena stoth are simultaneously producing a poster wall that proclaims in large letters on a green background: "school = living together, learning together." their motto recommends them to the younger ones, if they for their confession have found a suitable place in the school building.

Heaven and hell

in the schoolyard kneels marco karch, who plans to attend the business school in bad neustadt. "My qualifying score is a 2.27. It will work out", he says confidently. In the courtyard, on a piece of paving, he has the jumping game "heaven – hell" recorded. He traces lines, numbers and lettering with brushes and paint. "I came up with this. The younger ones especially love this game. I get paints from the building yard and tips on how best to apply them so that they last a long time", he says.
A team takes care of the catering: it provides sandwiches and drinks. All 17 ninth graders made the most of their last phase, not loafing around but immortalizing themselves to the delight of all.