Imperial weather in the royal city: forchheim awakens from hibernation in springtime

Sunshine and pleasant temperatures. The thermometer in the forchheim region has risen to 16 degrees in the past few days – and that's in the middle of february. The beautiful, sunny spring weather is already causing flowers and plants to sprout from the ground in some places in the district.

While the sun is melting the last of the ice on the fountain in forchheim's city park, for example, the first winter flowers are raising their heads near the fortress walls. If you look closely, you can spot spring flowers like crocuses and daffodils here and there – like margit m from forchheim. In her garden. But it is not only the plant world that is literally awakening from hibernation.

Spring revives the city center of forchheim

A stroll through forchheim's city center shows how the fine weather is drawing people out into the fresh air: in the main street, restaurateurs have placed tables and chairs in front of their establishments, and on monday afternoon the seats were well occupied. The staff in the ice cream parlors sell the first waffles and cups. And the sound of the street musicians enlivens the main street. Many people from forchheim also use their lunch break at the paradeplatz to soak up the sun.

From tuesday on, it may rain occasionally

The sunny high-pressure weather in the regnitz region is unfortunately interrupted, reveals weather expert stefan ochs. From tuesday to friday, the main focus is on southwestern germany. Franconia is thus swept by atlantic lows. The weather turns cloudy with intermittent clearing up. Occasionally it can rain, especially on tuesday and friday.

Sunny weekend

But we can look forward to the weekend again: it will remain rainless and during the day it will be sunny again with a maximum temperature of 13 degrees. The spring weather this weekend is likely to lure many people from forchheim out into the open once again.