Life imprisonment for “honor killing” of arzu o.

Life imprisonment for 'honor killing' of arzu o.

The court sentenced the siblings sirin (27) and kirer (25) to ten years in prison for taking hostages and aiding and abetting murder. The brothers elvis (21) and kemal (24) are to spend five and a half years in prison for hostage-taking (az.4 ks 31 js 1086/11-10/12).

The siblings admitted to kidnapping 18-year-old arzu in november of last year. The killing had not been planned. They only wanted to bring them back to their family.

According to the court, the background was arzu’s relationship with a german journeyman baker. "A little girl who wanted to be happy. But the family did not want to tolerate this."The judges made it clear that the people who lived here had to live according to the prevailing values, not those of their country of origin.

The prosecution had emphasized that the yazidi family did not want to accept this connection. Strictly speaking, yazidis are not allowed to have relationships outside the faith community. Arzu had been beaten up several times by the family, especially by osman. Thereupon she had fled to the women’s shelter in september 2011 and had reported her brother and father to the police. Judge reineke: "that was almost their death sentence."

The siblings had arzu in the night to the 1. November 2011 forcibly abducted from her boyfriend’s apartment. Then the two brothers, kemal and elvis, went home. The other three – sirin, kirer and osman – drove with arzu in the car via hamburg in the direction of lubeck. The siblings had testified that two fatal shots to the head had been fired during a raid. They brought the body to the edge of a golf course near grobensee in schleswig-holstein. She was only found there in mid january.

Senior public prosecutor ralf vetter had demanded a life sentence for murder not only for osman, but also for sirin and kirer. The prosecutor had also demanded higher sentences for kemal and elvis, namely eleven and eleven-and-a-half years for hostage taking resulting in death. The defenders pleaded for sentences between two years on probation and eleven years. The lawyers for elvis, kirer and osman want to appeal the sentence. The public prosecutor’s office will first examine the verdict.

In front of the courthouse, the human rights organizations terre des femmes and peri warned against relativizing so-called honor killings by referring to other cultures. There must be no tolerance in cases of violence and arbitrariness. Terre des femmes chairwoman irmingard schewe-gerigk thanked the court for "the clear words".