Poetry contest for women’s day 2019

Poetry contest for women's day 2019

On the occasion of the "100 years of women’s suffrage" anniversary a new cross-party and cross-institutional cooperation circle was formed in kronach last year. Its members agreed to commemorate international women’s day, which is celebrated every year in the district on 8. Giving march a new, more modern face.

"This year we want to approach the day in a different, artistic way – with the first "kronach poetry slam", explain the equal opportunity commissioner lisa gratzke and annegret kestler from the vhs kreis kronach, who, with the support of the aforementioned network, jointly launched this year’s main event.

Poetry slam is a modern poetry competition in which the participants perform their self-written texts on stage. The audience decides who wins the contest. The texts can be rhymed or unrhymed, serious or funny, socio-political, critical or biting.

"With the new form we want to do justice to the day from very different perspectives", announces lisa gratzke. International women’s day is unfortunately not yet so firmly anchored in the collective consciousness in germany, not even among women.


Lisa gratzke is very pleased to have won over slam master maron fuchs for international women’s day, who she will be presenting at the "long night of democracy" met in kronach. Maron fuchs – as well as six other slammers – will perform at the poetry competition herself. However, anyone with the desire to write something themselves, including men, can also take part. On this occasion, a workshop with maron fuchs will take place one day before in cooperation with the vhs kreis kronach in the gallery of the kronacher kunstverein (kreiskulturraum). Thereby can on thursday, 7. March, all interested become a poet with many tips and helpful exercises for voice and body language. And whoever wants to can climb the stage the next day at the first poetry slam in kronach.

Lisa gratzke and annegret kestler hope to reach a younger audience and raise awareness of international women’s day. For planning purposes, registration for the workshop is required by 1 january. March, in contrast to the main event on friday, 8. March, at the "stadl of the cafe "kitsch, where you can just drop by. Admission is free!.