The fortress remains pale?

Heinz hausmann (csu) pointed out critical voices on the fortress lighting in the city council meeting. Kronach's building remains too pale at night?
City planner daniel gerber therefore described the genesis of the current lighting to the city council. "We come from flooding the buildings. In the past, the fortress was like an ufo hovering over the city. Nothing was recognized from the walls." the current lighting concept is much more sensitive to the situation. However, the urban planner admitted that the results were not entirely satisfactory. In poor weather conditions, the illumination is too weak. Unfortunately, retrofitting the lighting is not possible.
Jonas geissler (csu) stated: "we didn't want the ufo anymore. But in reality, the fortress is now no longer visible." no matter from which side you approach kronach, the city's flagship goes down at night. "We need more lights, even if that means more investment", geissler clearly demanded. Mayor wolfgang beiergroblein signaled that an improvement in the lighting is also in his sights.
At monday's meeting, the progress of construction and the cost development of the projects at rosenberg fortress were approved without discussion. This was about the new armory, the fortress hostel and the fire water supply as well as the multi-year program.
Claudia wellach addressed the issue of leaking windows in the practice rooms of the hofles-vogtendorf music club in the old school in hofles during the citizens' consultation hour. The mayor took the renovation request on record.