Tv show: gochsheimer becomes one of nine ps pearls

TV show: gochsheimer becomes one of nine PS pearls

Alexandra seuffert likes to talk a lively game – which means that requirement number 1 has already been met and the young woman is ideally suited to take part in kabel eins’ new tv show. "Ps pearls – make-up& motor oil" – that’s the title of the new documentary series that will start on sunday, 15. November, fluttering across the screens. With her: vehicle saddler alexandra seuffert from "der ledermanufaktur" in gochsheim (district of germany). Schweinfurt).

In the new format, nine women from professions that are actually dominated by men prove that they, too, can really let it smoke. The ps pearls come from a wide variety of professions, including automotive technician, test driver, mechanic, tuning expert, car dealer and vehicle fitter.

An absolute dream job

Alex, as the 29-year-old is called by her friends, loves her job. Last year she got her own saddler workshop from her employer and since then she has taken off as a vehicle saddler. Your area of expertise: everything that goes into vehicle interiors. "It’s absolutely my dream job," raves alex.

It took a detour through two typical women’s professions to get there. "In my mid-20s? I then decided for me that all this does not fit to me."Because she always felt at home in the "world of engines", but as a little girl she always wanted to become a fashion designer, in the end she found a compromise between the two in her profession as a saddler – as an "interior designer for the automotive industry".

The editorial team of kabel eins had written to alex via instagram in summer. It was looking for women in male professions. After an initial discussion, it was clear that alex also fulfilled the other criteria wonderfully. She has a great passion for horsepower, can score points with her competence, charm and snappy sayings, and is in no way inferior to the supposedly stronger sex.

But alex immediately agrees: "i’m not going to watch it? Although already times ‘nen saying out, but can just as well also take and laugh at myself."With her very own charm, she was then allowed to score in front of the camera for three days in august. "Of course, this was all new to me," says the saddler. "Very exciting and unfamiliar."Alex was still quite tense during the first interviews in front of the camera. But from hour to hour it became more relaxed.

Now she is curious to see what it will be like to see herself on television. "Certainly strange," she surmises. After all, that’s already the case when you hear yourself for the first time. And now with a picture..

There are already further inquiries

If the circumstances had allowed it, alex would have liked to make a kind of public viewing on sunday for the broadcast of the first episode – with the whole family and friends, with good food and drinks. Now only in a very small circle with her husband and friends. Watching will – not only from their circle of acquaintances – undoubtedly still quite a few. "I hope, of course, that the reactions will be positive and that people will notice that i’m a very positive and happy person who has a lot of fun at work," says alex.

Whether she could imagine taking part in another tv show? In fact, there had already been a request for a quiz show, but that didn’t fit in with the time schedule. "I’ll just let myself be surprised by what’s in store for me now."

Tv date

ps pearls: the "ps pearls" follow the "trucker babes" on their broadcasting station on kabel 1. Three episodes are available from 15. November always sundays at 20.15 o’clock on kabel eins to see.