When the thread replaces the pen

When the thread replaces the pen

The producer gallery burg art city for contemporary art opens on saturday, 22. June, the exhibition "the tenth". Beginning of the vernissage is at 17 o’clock. Works of the painters ute haas (landshut) and michaela schwarzmann (eggolsheim) as well as sculptures from the permanent exhibition of the sculptors martina kreitmeier landshut) and claudia katrin leyh (meiningen) and the sculptors patrick niesel (nuremberg) and denis delauney (memmelsdorf) are shown.

The introductory speech to the 7. The art historian matthias liebel from bamberg will give a lecture on the exhibition on july; the cellist sebastian krugel from kronach will take care of the good tone.

The freelance artist michaela schwarzmann will present herself in the burgkunstadt gallery with a type of painting that is not exactly commonplace. "I will show in the gallery in burgkunstadt my works from the area ‘stroke and thread’, from the two-dimensional area. That’s what i’ve been working on mainly for the last few years", she says. In these pictures – which are sometimes made using a sewing machine – the line that is normally drawn is replaced by the thread that penetrates the paper, giving a two-sided effect. For example, the theme chosen by michaela schwarzmann, "heavenly garden, where the outlines are partly sewn and punched with the help of the sewing machine – the thread replaces the pencil.

Acrylic and chalk by ute haas

Ute haas, born in 1967, lives and works as a freelance artist in landshut. In april and may of this year, she was a stipendiary "artist in residence" at the virginia center for the creative arts (vcca). In burgkunstadt haas will exhibit paintings – acrylic and chalk mostly in the format 100 x 100 cm.

"The works", she says "are not representational." but they keep hinting at forms that one thinks one recognizes and wants to decipher. The mostly two-dimensional paintings have no perspective, they are bright in color and the textured dense surface plays a role. Ute haas: "for me it is not about conveying a content. I compose a state of color and form that remains so open that the viewer can walk around in it and has to figure things out for himself."

Among the artists who show their sculptures in a permanent exhibition in the producer gallery burgkunstadt is denis delauney, who works in memmelsdorf near bamberg. He was born in 1961 in alencon in normandy and has lived in bamberg since 1987. In 2006 he started to model masks out of clay, then to paint them and finally to photograph them in his own world. The masks became heads over time, the material changed from clay to concrete. The heads usually bear scars, cracks or simply wounds of time and are intended to convey a message.

In june 2017, denis delauney received an invitation to art basel. The sculpture "anaidos masked" brought the artist as finalist of the exhibition.