City council decides to demolish the cemetery barn in marktbreit

City council decides to demolish the cemetery barn in marktbreit

"The cemetery barn has been with us for years, and there are very different views on it," argued, marktbreit’s mayor erich hegwein initiated the discussion about the building. Just as the opinions of the citizens differed, so did the motions submitted by council members werner hund (spd) and harald damm . While hund had big plans for the old building, damm applied for its demolition.

Hund wanted to preserve and gut the building, create rental apartments and possibly rooms for the town, and a parking garage on the first floor. He also felt it was the city’s responsibility to preserve the historic structure. Years ago, an architect estimated that it would cost 400,000 euros to strip the building down to its foundation walls. That would be a lot of money for "just a few parking spaces and something around it", argued dog.

Opposing motions

Damm thought that the parking spaces for visitors to the cemetery made sense, but did not want to spend enormous sums on rebuilding them. Herbert biebelriether judged the building substance as not particularly good and wanted to invest only in the parking lots, which should be available only for the cemetery visitors, but not for tenants.

Martina michel wanted to preserve the building and create parking spaces, but could not imagine apartments there. That would reduce costs. "The proposal has merit, because housing is needed and redensification is wanted, especially since the creation of housing is subsidized by the state by up to 80 percent", hegwein said.

Guided tours better attended

Hund’s motion was defeated after extensive discussion (3:11), but the majority voted in favor of damm’s motion and thus for the demolition (11:3). Hegwein belonged to the minority and wanted it recorded in the meeting minutes that he had voted against the demolition. The group agreed not to give the new committee any further specifications as to whether the parking space should be managed and for how long parking should be allowed there.

Tourism officer damm reported slightly fewer overnight stays, but a well utilized mobile home park. That’s why it was necessary to expand the course. The number of guided tours of the city remained constant, but there were more participants in the anniversary year. "We have gained an image through our celebrations", said damm and wished, besides the tourist info, a city marketing in marktbreit.

More of a workshop than a saddlery

For a special reason, the hegwein dealt with an application for a change of use for the former dietenmeier glazier’s business in the commercial area in michelfelder strabe. A car saddlery was to be built there, but it was more of a car repair shop. In addition, there have been complaints from neighbors about noise at night.

The building committee had taken up the issue and refused municipal approval because no fire protection certificate had yet been submitted. The city council followed the committee as long as the required conditions were not met and the regulations were observed.

The city and the municipalities of the administrative community had a car-sharing offer in the rural area on the table. On 7. On april, a meeting was scheduled with the supplier and all members of the administrative community.