Committed and deserving trainers

Dual vocational training is recognized worldwide as a successful model. Committed trainers in numerous craft enterprises make an important contribution to ensuring that young people can lay a solid foundation for every further step in their careers with vocational training. A total of eleven deserving trainers were honored by the chamber of skilled crafts for lower franconia in wurzburg. Master baker klaus kemmer from ramsthal was also present.

Practical training in the company is an essential part of the successful model of dual vocational training. Master craftsmen and dedicated trainers who pass on their knowledge and skills to future generations make an indispensable contribution to securing the next generation of skilled workers in the regional economy. "Without this commitment, dual training would not work", emphasized walter heublein, president of the chamber of handicrafts for lower franconia. Each of the eleven honorees has helped numerous young people start their careers over the years. In many cases, the instructors have also been involved in helping weaker young people and have often rendered outstanding services to the education of young people beyond their day-to-day work in an honorary capacity. The award as a "deserving trainer" the honorary certificate of the bavarian state ministry of economics and media, energy and technology is a special recognition of your merits