Discussion about drainages

In a letter dated may 2020, the adelsdorf spd faction had requested comprehensive information on all issues concerning the construction/garden drainage in the reuthsee residential area. This was also one of the items on the agenda at the municipal council meeting on wednesday evening.

"Drains have been laid everywhere in the reuthsee construction area", explains jorg bubel (spd). "Our request is a request for information for the citizens. The first houses in the reuthsee area were occupied in 2016. As of 2018, property owners should have been required to decommission construction and garden drains. The drainage now deliberately increases the proportion of foreign water."

Extraneous water is measured

Thomas wolf from the technical building office explained that the drains were temporary drains for the gardens and that up to 15 owners were connected to one drain. "They are without rinsing shaft", he continues "if you don't flush them, then after two or three years they will no longer be continuous."

He explained that the external water would be measured "to see whether there is still drainage water or not. If we have foreign water inflows, the drainages must be removed".

Michael auer (green) asked whether this was put in writing at the time and who would pay for its removal. "One would then have to ask the investor to dismantle the temporary drainage", he said. Wolf contradicted this and clarified that there would be no costs for the municipality. In response to auers question about how many drainages are connected, wolf replied that there were 50 drainages.

"What happens when you cut?", asked bubel. "If the water then runs down the slope in the rain? Should the drainages be cut or better legalized by the municipality?" "that is contradictory", fischkal notes "should the drains stay or should they go?? The garden is planted, the lawn is there. There have already been rain events where nothing happened."

Ralf olmesdahl (abwi) remarked "we are moving here in a highly sensitive area, here we must protect the good and the good." "it is dramatized here, i notice that", said fischkal. "It is state of the art to lay drainages, and if they are to be cut, then they are cut and we receive the proof that they were cut. The things are there and the things have to go away. Mr. Wolf has that in mind and we will be informed when the first one is capped."

Auer requested that "the story remains in the council", whereupon fischkal declared that he had no problem with it. "Of course, this will be checked again, i am also interested in whether the drains still work. Mr. Wolf will inform us." with two votes against, the request was granted.