Focus on the elderly

At the meeting of the stockheim municipal council on monday, which was again held in the zecherhalle in neukenroth for corona reasons, the spokespersons of the recently newly founded senior citizens’ working group (ag) presented the team, their approach and their working style in cooperation with the municipal council.

Mayor rainer detsch affirmed that the seniors’ working group is a body that has been elected by the municipal council and is made up of very committed idealists with members from all seven districts, some of whom can look back on decades of voluntary work and thus have a feeling for where the shoe pinches. The two senior spokespersons, hans parnickel from burggrub and rainer kraus from stockheim, both over 80 years old, presented their ideas for future cooperation with great self-confidence.


Parnickel was a teacher and served from student representative to the national executive board of the education and science union. Rainer kraus, former self-employed management consultant and chairman of tsv stockheim for a quarter of a century, also made clear his desire not only to put wishes or demands on paper. He wanted, as he was accustomed to in his job, to have the discussed matters translated into action as quickly as possible. This must also be possible in a municipality.

Parnickel explained why the seniors’ association was necessary. The basic principle is to help shape your home even in old age.

A strong team of representatives from all seven districts was put together for this purpose. The aim is to put forward constructive proposals that benefit the general public, i.E. That are not aimed solely at senior citizens.

Without a lot of money

Kraus cited concrete examples such as pushing digitization and solar lights on sidewalks and squares. Cemetery design, rest benches and shopping aids are further suggestions that could be implemented – and without large investments.

Mayor rainer detsch was not unaware that the ag was bubbling over with ideas. To set a sign of good will, also the community had already acted. A resting bench was set up in the industrial area, as suggested by the senior citizens’ working group.

Both representatives were stunned, for they had not yet noticed the bank. But they thanked warmly "for this signal that they are being heard".