Franconian switzerland: bavarian television as a guest

"Myth of the village – live and let die" is the motto of a series of reports by the bavarian radio station , which is part of the tv program "stations will be aired. This time the br was a guest in affalterthal. This is thanks to editor linda hofmeier from waischenfeld, who had the idea a few years ago to shoot a report on the small town with its many fruit trees. Now it has worked.

Affalterthal, a village near egloffstein. It lies idyllically between many fruit trees in a hollow. But at first sight you think there is nothing special: no more baker and butcher, only one pub, no supermarket, the school closed. That there is nevertheless a diverse life here is noticeable, for example, on thursdays when the trombone choir rehearses, when the johannis fire is burned down or the kerwaburschen put up the kirchweih tree and the soldier comrades hold the eicher tractor meeting. It’s the people who bring the village to life and keep it alive – and that’s what the film wants to show.

A 96-year-old

There’s 96-year-old hans hafner, who still likes to tie baskets and give them away, and his somewhat younger friends, erna backof, a former sacristan, and marga prutting, who still drives an eicher tractor today. They often visit him in the shady courtyard to chat about old times. There is the deuerlein family, who now harvests the trees in the cherry orchard with their children every day, and there are new citizens who like to volunteer in the village. The short film (cameraman jochen schlawne) reports on the lives of these people, who are exemplary for all volunteers in affalterthal, on wednesday, 17. July, at 7 p.M. On bavarian television.