Master school has good prospects

"With the replacement of the dormitory, the renovation of the school building and the creation of continuous barrier-free accessibility, the ebern master school for the carpentry trade is optimally secured for the future." this was emphasized by managing director rainer klingert at the meeting of the association assembly, at which head of school oliver dunisch gave a report on the current situation of the master school and its prospects.
Dunisch recalled that the 65th store was recently opened. The first master class was held in ebern and five of the 18 master prize winners of the bavarian state government came from ebern. Currently, there are two female and 53 male master students in courses 66 to 68. The courses, each with 20 students, are not completely full, because sometimes students drop out after the probationary period, or they even deregister. The 60 places are also the basis for the new planning, although there is also a decline in the master craftsman sector: the number of master craftsman students in germany has fallen from 3,000 to 1,000 per year.
With the current course enrollment, the majority of students come from all over franconia. This is also due to the new construction of the dormitory, which will be fully available again in the fall.

20 participants per course possible

"we are pleased that, after the difficult construction phase, we have staggered registrations again and that demand is already very good from the fall onwards", said dunisch. Of course, one should not forget that more and more furniture is being produced in industry, and for this there are skilled industrial workers. However, ebern is still planning on 20 participants per course and is trying to utilize the total of 60 places to full capacity. For 2018/19, they are at full capacity, and they already have applications for september 2019.
Association president erwin dotzel pointed out that 46 of the 55 people interested in the school came from bavarian districts and only nine from outside.
Principal dunisch saw these figures as being marked by the construction phase, because no dormitory could be offered at the moment: "normally, 40 to 50% come from bavaria, the rest from other federal states. After the completion of the residential home in the fall, things will look different again."

Major investments

it is important to be competitive on the market. Therefore, the principal thanked the school for the large investments and was pleased that the remaining work can soon be completed. He also emphasized the renovation of the paint warehouse, a very sensitive area for occupational health and safety. It was also possible to renew the wifi and internet facilities, with the entire building now being equipped with a fiber optic connection. Investments were also made in the area of it and mobile laptop trolleys were installed. One classroom is equipped with a whiteboard on a trial basis. The "green classroom" was also mentioned, which is very well received. And they also have a very good team with which they can plan for the longer term.
District president dotzel called the ebern championship school an important flagship for the district of lower franconia, for the district of habberge, but also for the city of ebern.
The annual report for the 2017 financial year was then presented to the association’s general meeting. The total budget amounted to 3 413 868 euro. The reserve amounted to 649,431 euros and was partly withdrawn during the year to avoid borrowing. There was additional income in the guest school contributions with 23,250 euros and in the teaching staff subsidies with 8718 euros.