Mysterious artist keeps the aischgrund in suspense

A vernissage from 2 to 4 p.M. In a hut in lonnerstadt and almost simultaneously from 3 to 8 p.M. The exhibition "hidden gallery in the old dairy in the neuweststrabe in uehlfeld – thus united on sunday, 11. October, which despite several newspaper reports still mysterious artists "ra.G.E" in the aischgrund many of his works for simultaneous contemplation.

In the original, of course, this is impossible – he mainly paints lonely huts in the woods and meadows or otherwise contributes to the beautification of lonely places. But captured on posters and photographs, an impression is to be created of how he artistically captures his ambitions. There are also their own pictures, a mosaic, drawings, all made with unusual materials. And a short film can be seen – drone footage of the qr code dug into a field near mailach, which was the start of the story in the ft. A week of work by the way, the digging, mainly alone.

To make people think about transience and to capture their own emotions – this is the goal that the young man is pursuing. He also wants to bring culture to the countryside. "I could have done it all in the city. But in the rural area is with such artistic actions but as good as nothing offered. So here", he expresses himself.

For about a year now, he has been on the road, mostly at night, to give the empty huts a new face, either externally or internally. He can’t complain about a lack of interest from the public. He often encounters good visitor numbers with interested people from nuremberg, bamberg and other cities when he visits his places of work once again without being recognized. According to him, the reactions on instagram and other social media are consistently positive – so no reason for him to give up his work.

The exhibition sites in lonnerstadt and uehlfeld, to which the route will be signposted from mailach, were made available to him without any major problems via contacts to the responsible offices. "The public interest has certainly helped me a lot", he concludes. In uehlfeld the exhibition is also still open from thursday, 15. October, until sunday, 18. October, open from 4 to 8 p.M. Each day.