New learning worlds seen from the inside

"The vast majority of students enjoy showing what they can do!", principal thomas meier at the "open day at the gymnasium. The parents of his perhaps future pupils were given such basic information, and together with their children they spent an entertaining and informative morning.
It also became clear that the children would be facing a new and larger school world: tutor system, class trips, elective classes, choice of foreign languages, etc. – however, the many new things can and will also include many exciting things. Under the title "nine years of education in one hand principal meier explained the cornerstones of the new nine-year gymnasium, which will include more computer science and fewer afternoon classes, as well as more choice for students.
After a tour of the school building, the children were given the opportunity to take part in a "trial run" your possibly new "job" is the motto as well as to explore its range of subjects. Teachers and many dedicated students had prepared almost 20 stations at which simple and fun tasks requiring both concentration and temperament had to be completed, the completion of which brought a small reward for each child at the end. In the field of biology, one could make butter oneself, but had to shake mightily for it. "Do it yourself-the focus was on tasks anyway, such as guessing linguistic pictures in german, guessing questions in mathematics, trying out ball games, biathlon in the gymnasiums or getting to know typical national habits such as playing boule in french.