Porsche recalls almost 60,000 cars worldwide

Porsche recalls almost 60,000 cars worldwide

The sports and off-road vehicle manufacturer porsche is recalling almost 60,000 cars worldwide. Macan s and macan turbo off-road vehicles are affected, said a company spokesman.

In germany, 3641 cars would have to go into the workshop. Cars could have a leak in the line that carries fuel to the engine. This could leak fuel.

There was no immediate danger, said the spokesman. "The customers can continue to use the vehicle. But if you smell fuel, you should turn off the car and contact the nearest porsche center." in a workshop, the line will be replaced free of charge.

The recall was not the largest the company had ever had to carry out, the spokesman said. "But it’s one of the bigger ones at porsche."Last year, the carmaker from stuttgart sold 189,849 vehicles; in 2015, the company wants to break the sales mark of 200,000 cars.

In the auto industry, recalls have been making headlines lately. Vw’s japanese rival toyota recently had to recall 6.5 million cars to its workshops worldwide. Cause: a defect in a module for electric window lifters. Japanese airbag maker takata acknowledged possible dangers in a total of 19.2 million cars this spring. The u.S. Carmaker general motors had to recall millions of cars because of problems with ignition switches.

In view of the emissions scandal, volkswagen, the parent company of porsche, is facing the biggest recall in the group’s history. In germany alone, vw wants to bring around 2.4 million diesel vehicles into the workshops. The campaign is to begin in january.