Preschool children explore knightly life in the altenstein ruins

Preschool children explore knightly life in the altenstein ruins

Jens fertinger with the last weeks of july the time of farewell is approaching for the children who have attended the daycare center in maroldsweisach for three to five years. This year, too, the excursion led to the altenstein ruins.

After parents, teachers and children had made all the preparations for the overnight stay, the children were brought to altenstein. There, the chairman of the association deutscher burgenwinkel, mayor wolfram thein, welcomed them to the life-size knight figure in front of the castle information center, before they embarked on a journey through time into the life of a castle together with burgenwinkel manager alexander blochl.

Blochl explained the eventful history of altenstein castle and its inhabitants in a way that was suitable for children. The tour started at the chapel. After exploring the "talking fountain the children got an insight into the life of the former castle inhabitants, which was by far not always as tranquil as one gets to see in fairy tale films. The station "professions in the castle gave evidence of life in the castle. The outer castle had several functions: its enclosure was intended to ensure the safe storage of food supplies and livestock and to serve as accommodation for the servants. In addition, attempts were made to produce much of what was needed to live in and maintain the castle in the outer bailey. In this way, the children became more independent from the surrounding area, from the taxes of their subjects and from the weather.

Along the mighty castle wall, visitors walked past the reconstructed oven and the bat apartments to the herb garden, visited the altenstein castle model and took a look at the so-called "traugewolbe" (wedding vault), before finally visiting the themed cellars.

Meanwhile, on the lawn in front of the "arche", the parents had everything prepared for a hearty picnic in maroldsweisach. Thanks to the use of the ditterswinder barbecue truck – the owner donated her profits for the purchase of a new sun sail – the children were able to fortify themselves immediately for the evening and the overnight stay.

When they arrived at the kindergarten, they were in for a surprise: werner waber, who lived up to his name as the "musical children’s magician bambini" not only inspired the children, but also skilfully integrated the kindergarten staff into its program.

With games, stories and songs, the evening flew by; the colorful glow-in-the-dark lights created a special atmosphere. Afterwards, the boys and girls got ready for bed, and some of them experienced a night away from their familiar home environment for the first time.