Schalke coach wagner: “sporting success all the more important”

Schalke coach wagner: 'sporting success all the more important'

"We have employees that i talk to, that i meet every day. The fact that they are not beaming with joy at the moment and that some people are voicing their concerns is completely justified," said the 48-year-old in an interview with the newspapers of the funke mediengruppe. "I know our figures, even if not in detail, and understand the concern expressed by the board of directors."

The club itself had pointed to a "potentially existence-threatening economic situation". After a weak fiscal year, the schalkers are depending on every cent this season. The seasonal break caused by the coronavirus crisis is a major factor.

"In this situation, sporting success is all the more important," said wagner. As sixth in the table, the club is desperate for a european cup spot. At the moment, the bundesliga and the 2nd bundesliga are at a standstill. Bundesliga until 30. April. On thursday, the 36 club bosses and the german soccer league will discuss the further course of action.

Wagner does not see any adjustment problems for his players because of the planned ghost games. "When we all started playing soccer, whether on the street or the village green, there weren’t even 60.000 watched," he said. "We played it because we wanted to win ? And this is how we will approach it."