Social justice: majority sees germany in a socially unbalanced position

Social justice: majority sees germany in a socially unbalanced position

A report in the leipziger volkszeitung" according to the survey, two-thirds of german citizens (65 percent) believe that germany is not socially just. In the east, 73 percent are of this opinion, in the west 63 percent. Only just under one in three (31 percent) is convinced that there is social justice in germany (33 percent in the west, 22 percent in the east). At the same time, more than 80 percent think that there is too much complaining, and that germans are doing better than ever and should be more satisfied.

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according to a survey, only one in four people in germany (25 percent) believe in equal opportunities for advancement for all; east and west agree on this issue. 73 percent of all german citizens (east: 71 percent, west: 74 percent) criticized the lack of equal opportunities for advancement.

According to the survey, germany remains divided on the issue of refugees. Every second german citizen thinks that there are too many refugees living in germany, it was said. 44 percent disagree. In the west, 46 percent are convinced that germany is not overburdened with taking in refugees, in the east 35 percent.

For the survey conducted by the leipzig opinion research institute uniqma in december, according to the information provided, 1.002 representatively selected citizens aged 18 and over surveyed by telephone.