Sos cans and christmas greetings from the vdk

SOS cans and christmas greetings from the vdk

The iphofen chapter of the vdk currently has 567 members. About 100 of them followed the invitation to the christmas party on saturday, which took place again in the fire department hall in nenzenheim. And again, in addition to the honors, there was some interesting information for the members beyond the contemplative hours.

As "advisors on accessibility presented itself association treasurer rainer lorenz. Together with others, he inspects public places in iphofen and the surrounding area and examines them for heart and kidneys. Example of the new iphoef kindergarten: here, various hurdles, which could also have been simply avoided, would make things difficult, especially for people with walking disabilities. In such cases, the vdk gives tips on how to make these places accessible to everyone.

Task of the vdk pilots

"Everything except filling out applications and legal advice" make the "vdk pilots, explained ferdinand. People like him, however, are the first point of contact for members and all citizens who want to get to grips with the issues of the social association if they are afraid to go to the authorities or do not know who to contact first. In this way, the pilots provide low-threshold access to the right people to protect their rights and concerns.

Chairman manfred niksch had, among other things, "sos cans" with it, in which one could store the most important information approximately around its health condition and ideally into the refrigerator put. In an emergency, a doctor or paramedic would then be able to look into the kitchen and find the box containing details of the blood group or medications.

Vdk’s efforts appreciated

Niksch and his team had also handed out information sheets with the extensive program of events in 2020, since a large part of them would be subsidized by the local association. As rainer lorenz explained, the iphofen members have about 1600 euros left over from their membership dues each year, which are then used to help finance trips or celebrations like the one in the hall hosted by the nenzenheim volunteer fire department.

As a representative of the city of iphofen, district councilor alexander hansch had a donation from the municipality with him. Hansch praised the vdk’s commitment to solidarity and equality. Irmgard hofem provided a successful musical performance on the keyboard.

Members honored

The list of honorees included franz holzheimer, who has been a member of the iphofen chapter of the vdk for 60 years. Honored for 25 years were helene bauerlein, alfred heckner, kurt may, johann melber, martin schell, georg schmer, manuela walter and ernst wunsch. Ulrich bernreuther, michael dietsch, rudolf dornberger, erich hammer, manfred heinl, annette hertkorn, ulrich imhof, mario kohler, friedrich kolbenstetter, dieter kraub, wolfgang muller, johann pfannes, christa schmer, dieter schneider, thomas stark, gunther szablewski, ruth weber and petra weber-zinner have been members for ten years.