Spd vote on groko achieves minimum turnout

SPD vote on groko achieves minimum turnout

After just three days, a fifth of those eligible to vote took part in the spd referendum on the coalition agreement with the union – this means that the quorum has been reached and the vote is now binding.

That’s what a spokeswoman for the party told the ard "tagesschau" on friday. The vote had begun on tuesday. The total of 463.723 social democrats eligible to vote still have until next friday to cast their ballots. On 4. The results are to be announced in march. Resistance to another grand coalition is strong in parts of the party.

Faction leader andrea nahles, who is to be elected party leader in april, defended the coalition agreement in a live video on facebook. She called her candidacy for the party chairmanship a way to keep the spd recognizable even in a renewed grand coalition with the cdu and csu. If you combine the chairmanship of the parliamentary group and the party, but separate them from government offices, that creates space for issues and debates about the future "beyond the government.

Party leaders drum up support for black-red at a series of regional conferences. At the same time, the groko opponents around juso head kevin kuhnert are campaigning for a no vote at their own events.

At a regional conference in his hometown of goslar on friday, sigmar gabriel, the managing foreign minister, campaigned for a new edition of the coalition. Alluding to gabriel’s fight for his office, spd district leader hubertus heil said: "this region is proud of sigmar gabriel – and if we have our way, he will continue to play a role in politics."

Gabriel himself advised – in line with the party leadership – not to focus on personnel issues. He admitted to not having made the smartest remarks himself – apparently alluding to his critical remarks about spd leader martin schulz, who has since resigned. "But that’s yesterday’s snow," said gabriel. Now it’s about the content of the coalition agreement: "we negotiated well"." however, the spd sells its results below value.

Although the spd can independently fill the ministerial posts to which it is entitled. Gabriel, however, is seen as having only a slim chance of being retained by the spd leadership around acting chairman olaf scholz and faction leader andrea nahles.

According to a survey, however, voters approve of this. 67 percent want to keep him as foreign minister, as the zdf "politbarometer" showed. The ard "deutschlandtrend" published on thursday had already shown that as many as 72 percent would like to see gabriel remain in the foreign office.