Students rocked with music from ac/cd

It was fantastic to experience what the children had put together with their teachers and the parents’ council. Like at a big club party, the many pupils marched together with the marching music of the weismain brass band onto the large area in front of the school. They got a lot of applause right away, because of the great picture, when all had lined up at the rondell.

Many guests

principal heike witzgall was happy to welcome the many guests. "The main protagonists today, however, are the children, who have put a lot of effort into their performances
to be able to present", she said. A huge flute choir of the 1., 2. And 3. The fourth grade had then lined up to perform some old children’s songs such as" little hare" or "hoppe reiter" to be able to welcome everyone. Very skilful was also the modern song of the "growler", "who wants to go on the carousel" or "merrily we sail along", with which they made their grandmas, grandpas and parents a joy.

Unfortunately it was not possible to get more children from the brass band on stage", said the principal. But the small group with flute, clarinet and saxophone was impressive
with the londonbridge duet which was transformed into a trio without further ado, the numerous visitors. The abt knauer elementary school in weismain has a "ag-rhythmus". During their performance, the new donated instruments were also included right away. The cajons, djembes, tambourines and colorful boomwhackers were presented with enthusiasm.


but that was not all, great choral singing, groovy sound, great technology, great
rhythms – at the end everyone clapped along. The music teachers ute chapple and julian freitag and their students had worked with great attention to detail to put this work together. The class 3a with their teacher helena scherer had an almost musical contribution in store. With dancing comedic body part movements and explanatory singing the performance was more than successful. "This goes from head to toe with the body part blues". At the end all sang along and an encore was the logical consequence.

Highlight: ac/dc

without detracting from the quality of the other items on the program, the performance by 4a was a special highlight of the afternoon: the hard rock sounds of ac/dc, to which children dressed in black let their hair fly. And even a music band that imitated the hard sounding. Fourth grader simon rupp had transformed himself into angus young. He shredded across the stage with his guitar in true style. Played lying down and brought a great show on stage. But also the performance of the dancinggroup was a real feast for the eyes and inspired the cheering audience. "You could almost sign him up", the band musician jurgen reul from weismain was full of praise. "Angus young would have been happy just watching the show."

with a great entertainment program it went on. Puzzle games, world cup quiz, homemade
puzzles, willow weaving as bracelets, learning magic tricks in the classrooms or water balloon skill runs on the sports field – there was play, joy and cheerfulness everywhere. Pizzas, french fries, cheese sticks, coffee and cakes were on offer. Even a soft ice cream machine had a lot to do. Principal heike witzgall thanked the parents’ council and the sponsors who made a raffle with over 700 prizes possible.