Table tennis circle mourns the death of alfred wagner

table tennis circle mourns the death of alfred wagner

The table tennis circle of kronach mourns the death of alfred wagner. He had earned great merits not only as an active player but also as a functionary.
The deceased played table tennis for ts kronach from 1948 up to the state league until his old age. In 1970, his volunteer work began. He was district sports director until 1990 and district games director until 2005. From 1980, he was also district chairman for 17 years. During this time, he belonged to the legal advisory board of the bavarian table tennis association (bttv) for seven years and was secretary at district level for 18 years. He exercised all his honorary offices in addition to his time-intensive work as clerk of the district court of kronach.
When alfred wagner resigned as district chairman in may 1997 in nurn, the representatives of all 32 table tennis clubs unanimously appointed him honorary district chairman. Among other honors, he received the gold pin of honor with wreath as the highest award of the bttv, the blsv pin of honor in gold with silver laurel and the honorary jug of the tt district. As a longtime player, he was awarded various achievement pins.
When alfred wagner’s 27 years of service were looked back on in nurn, it was noted that he had already been responsible for the entire management of the tt district since 1976. Highest goal of its activity was always the promotion of the table tennis sport in the circle. He understood it to stand to all associations helpfully aside and to treat all equally fairly. If there were only three sports court cases in 27 years, then this was proof that his efforts were successful. For him, the reward for his work was the existing friendships with the club representatives, the active and professional guards.
His successor, edgar kraus, called wagner a man "who has always thought about how to move the kronach table tennis district forward.". When he was appointed honorary district chairman, the attendees thanked him with a standing ovation.