“The coalition agreement needs a liberal signature”

Stefan wolf ran as a direct candidate for the fdp in the electoral district of kulmbach-lichtenfels-bamberg. A good 14 days after the election, the 25-year-old from gundelsheim looks back with satisfaction on his result and that of his party.

What pleased you most during the election campaign??
Stefan wolf: of course you’re pleased with the fdp’s result. We were able to more than double the number of first and second votes in the electoral district and contributed our share to the excellent national result. In the election campaign itself, i was pleased about the support, z.B. From our district chairman thomas nagel – when as a journalist he always corrected my press releases.

And what were you really annoyed about??
About not being included in panel discussions. Associations had invited only the parties represented in the bundestag for panel discussions. You can do that, but it doesn’t help the culture of debate. But that has changed again.

What do the 11 percent first votes in your home community of gundelsheim mean to you??
I am very pleased and honored by that. It strengthens my commitment and it does me good when the people of gundesheim encourage me to continue – also at the local level.

The liberals could soon be part of the government. Under what auspices do you favor a jamaica coalition?
The fdp must not repeat the mistakes of 2009 and needs a liberal signature in the coalition agreement. For me, this means that we have to put our emphasis on our election campaign issues, such as civil rights or advancing digitization, and communicate this accordingly.

What are personally your next political goals?
For me, political life is not over. I am u.A. I’m still district chairman of the young liberals, but after the election campaign i’ll be returning to party work and preparing for the state elections. Our goal is clear, also here the re-entry of the fdp create, for me then from the second row.
Questions asked by michael memmel