The renovation of the swimming pool in autenhausen is scheduled to start in may

According to andreas gsanger, chairman of the autenhausen recreational facility association, the sesslach city council awarded the work to the contractor at its most recent meeting. The reconstruction is to start at the beginning of may this year and last until july this year.

Gsanger provided information on the current status of development at the members’ meeting in the autenhausen sports center. As reported several times, the swimming pool, which was opened in 1972, was getting on in years. Due to high renovation costs, the closure was threatened, which the citizens of autenhausen prevented by founding the association and looking for financing possibilities. This is how the idea of converting the ailing swimming pool into a natural pool came about.

Over the past three years, there have been a number of hurdles to overcome before the project could get off the ground, including a funding shortfall last year. The people of autenhausen were not discouraged, stayed on the ball and took the initiative to get things done.

Everything prepared

A few days ago, many helpers gathered at the swimming pool to prepare for the renovation work. "Even people who are not members of the association helped and showed through their commitment that they are behind the project," explained gsanger, gsanger recounted. The new mayor maximilian neeb also lent a helping hand.

All three mayoral candidates, gsanger said, had committed to the "autilus" before the mayoral election known. Shortly after the election of the new mayor, the funding decision was received from the "office for rural development" arrived. The pure conversion costs of 505,000 euros would include 325,000 euros in ale subsidies. "176,000 euros plus value-added tax are still due to the city of seblach", informed gsanger.

After the financing was in place, the association began with the preparations and removed the old materials. "When the foil was out of the pool, you could see how urgent renovation is", said gsanger. The new natural pool will remain a foil pool, but you can look at the bottom. "The water remains clear, but not as clear as in a chlorine pool", gsanger explained. The water is purified by means of biological substances in an extra clarifier. For the small visitors a watercourse with many play possibilities is put on. The association also succeeded in getting a two-meter wide wide wave slide included in the bidding process. In a further step, the recreational facility will be modernized with eu subsidies from the leader fund. "We’ve received the go-ahead, and we’re eagerly awaiting the funding decision", said gsanger. Among other things, the sanitary facilities would be expanded, the kiosk rebuilt and the outdoor area redesigned as part of this leader measure. Here, too, the environmental idea is paramount: the shower water is to be heated with solar thermal energy and a solar system is to be installed on the roof of the log cabin.

The association currently has 38,000 euros in funds thanks to membership contributions, donations and a fund from the sparkasse coburg lichtenfels.