Thundorf: new shaft causes additional expenses

In addition to a number of items on the agenda, the annual review by the first mayor egon kloffel was part of the final meeting of the thundorf town council.

Prior to this, a uniform regulation for monetary gifts on the occasion of club anniversaries was discussed. Since such a regulation does not exist so far and associations were treated equally regardless of their age, whether 40 or 140 years, mayor kloffel throws into the round to make a fairer regulation. The municipal council was asked in advance to give some thought to this matter. The council was provided with overviews of other neighboring municipalities as a decision-making aid. Finally, the council decides to congratulate every ten years with a monetary gift, analogous to the practice of the market of mabbach.

A sewer section in the "am berg" construction area in rothhausen was clogged. In order to ensure the sewage disposal again, it was necessary to act quickly. For this reason, the company hellmuth from oberlauringen was commissioned. During the work it was found that a control shaft had to be built urgently. The cost of this measure amounts to 3765.14 euros. It is proposed that the invoice and the unbudgeted expenditure be approved. Financial effects are the exceeding of the budget on the budget position by 3662.94 euro. After a short discussion, the local contractor peter saal took the floor and signaled that the costs are in no way excessive. The invoice in the amount of 3662.94 euros was acknowledged and the unbudgeted expenditure approved.

A further invoice recognition concerned the broadband expansion by the company eichhorn from oberaurach in the amount of 11,000 euros.947.60 euro. The company carried out cable and civil engineering work in the municipal area on behalf of deutsche telekom. A total of 24 properties in the rothhausen section of the municipality, which were directly adjacent to the construction project, were connected to the mains. Mayor egon kloffel explained in more detail. The latter also proposes that the invoice be recognized in full and the unbudgeted expenditure approved. The budgetary appropriations in the allocated budgetary item are increased by 1.159,49 euro exceeded. After a short discussion about later connections, the council decided to accept the invoice of the company eichhorn in the amount of 11 euros.947.60 euros and also to approve the unbudgeted expenditure.

Mayor egon kloffel informs the council that the heating system in the fire station thundorf is defective. Because of the wintry temperatures it is necessary to act quickly, a first cost offer was requested and obtained from the company barth haustechnik, stadtlauringen. This cost estimate amounts to a total of 3783.49 euros gross. For reasons of urgency, it is recommended to dispense with obtaining further quotations. Because this was an unbudgeted expenditure requiring the approval of the municipal council, kloffel explained the financial implications. For the maintenance of the municipal fire stations, funds in the amount of 1000 euro were set in the 2018 budget. In fact, however, costs in the amount of 2812.26 euros have already been incurred for this purpose. The further over-budgeted expenditure of 3783.49 euros therefore requires the approval of the municipal council.

Mayor kloffel also included fire department commander lothar seufert, who was present at the meeting, in the discussion. From his mouth it was to be heard that with the present gas boiler heating the control often stops and that it concerns with the offer of the company barth pure material costs. The work will be carried out under the fire department’s own responsibility. Councillor werner wenzel recently had the same type of heating system installed in his home and found the offer to be acceptable. The council then decided to commission the company barth haustechnik with the repair of the heating system in the fire station in thundorf for 3783.49 euros.

In his review of the year, mayor egon kloffel was able to report consistently positive figures, with the exception of falling population figures. The town council held 13 meetings with a total of 109 items on the agenda. In addition, there was a citizens’ meeting and a meeting of the audit committee in all three parts of the municipality. Kloffel named the 50th anniversary of the founding of the trachtenkapelle theinfeld and the 70th anniversary of the kolpingfamilie thundorf as anniversary celebrations in the community.

The debt currently stands at 51 percent.419.35 euros, this results in a per capita debt of 50.31 euros at 1.022 inhabitants.

The largest construction project was the extension of the building yard in thundorf, which cost 104,802 euros in 2018. In addition, fiber optic lines were laid in rothhausen and thundorf, some of the street lighting was replaced, and roads were built in all three parts of the municipality, although the measures in rothhausen have been decided but will not be carried out until 2019.A large chunk of 86,585 euros was made up of the purchases, expenses and the down payment for the new tsf-w vehicle (thundorfer wehr) for the fire departments.

At the end of the meeting, mayor kloffel had some more information to offer.He announced that the municipal building yard will be in operation until 14. January is closed. However, winter road maintenance is ensured during this period.Further, kloffel informs that due to a leadership meeting of the district, the former forestry house was recognized for funding. At the very end of the public part of the meeting, kloffel thanked his councilor and his deputy judith dekant for their constructive cooperation