Volkach budget stands at 25.3 million euros

Volkach budget stands at 25.3 million euros

The brooding was worthwhile – and this does not mean feathered offspring in view of the spring weather, but the preparation of the volkach city council for the 2019 budget at the seminar in schley . Over the weekend, the men and women had worked out the figures, which they passed without much excitement at the meeting on monday evening. Only the members of the citizens’ list refused to vote for the budget, which – similar to 2018 – has a volume of 25.3 million euros.

A good 19 million euros are planned in the administrative budget, into which, among other things, tax revenues (trade, land, income) flow and from which current expenses such as the contributions for the district (3.6 million euros), personnel costs (3.7 million euros) and for the administrative community and school association (1.9 million euros) are paid. In addition, almost 2.4 million euros are transferred from the administrative budget to the property budget, which comprises 6.3 million euros. Among other things, the city wants to use this money to buy land for possible new construction areas (2.6 million euros), to start the village renewal in krautheim (400,000 euros) or to expand the kindergarten in obervolkach (500,000 euros).

Tourism levy called for again

So far, so clear – and already discussed in the previous meeting . Herbert rommelt, spokesman for the free voters (g), praised above all the fact that no new debt was incurred. Ingrid dusolt, who started the budget speeches as a non-attached councillor, summed up the difficulties of the volkach budget in view of the high level of debt: she spoke of a "balancing act between wishful thinking and feasibility" and again urged the city to consistently collect the fees due to it. She also described the introduction of a tourism tax as a "long overdue step".

"On the subject of the wine festival, we demand that the stand operators themselves must provide staff for ticket sales, admission controls and site cleanup." roger schmidt, burgerliste volkach

Roger schmidt was of the same opinion. "Volkach has been living on a very large tourist footing for years", said the representative of the burgerliste. In his opinion, the area of "tourism" must self-financing . In addition, the costs for the volkach wine festival were a thorn in his side. The citizens’ list demanded "that the stand operators themselves provide staff for ticket sales, admission controls and site cleaning". Later, mayor peter kornell (g), visibly annoyed by the ongoing issue of weinfest expenses, defended himself against this. He did not want to burden the stands any further, kornell emphasized, since the clubs have had good income opportunities there up to now thanks to volunteers.

Advancing the rail line to wurzburg

Dieter soellner, on behalf of the spd parliamentary group, set a different agenda. He addressed the connection from volkach to wurzburg: "we should do everything in our power to ensure that the rail line resumes operation." heiko bauerlein agreed with this on behalf of the csu – and addressed another perennial issue: the open-air swimming pool, which is in need of renovation . Bauerlein saw it as a good sign that 100,000 euros had been earmarked in the budget for immediate measures for its reopening this summer. He interpreted the figure quite differently than roger schmidt had done. He had an "outsider’s role for the outdoor pool in the budget" recognized.

On the other hand, there was no discussion on one point: in their speeches, all the city councilors praised the good work of treasurer werner hubner, for whom this was the last volkach budget in view of his imminent retirement.