Winter road maintenance and church renovation keep theinfeld people busy

In theinfeld took place this year the first of the citizens’ meeting of the municipality of thundorf. Mayor egon kloffel was pleased with the great interest in the event, which was held in the musikheim.

The most important topic was the clearing and gritting plan of the municipality. "What’s got into you ?", a citizen asked the councillors. The plan envisages that in the event of light snowfall, which according to some visitors may well vary from one part of the municipality to another, only intersections, slopes and access to public buildings will be cleared by the winter road clearance service. If necessary, the remaining roads, paths and squares should also be cleared and gritted when the snow reaches a height of eight centimeters or on the orders of the municipality.

"Even the bus driver who takes the children to school complains that the bus stop is not cleared", says erich thain. The fact that this winter it has mostly snowed a lot on the weekends, as kloffel points out, is not accepted by the citizens as justification. Another question on this subject was the sensitive issue of liability for damages in the event of accidents on uncleared public areas.

The question why in the bus stop two showcases were attached, answered mayor kloffel with: "one for municipal news, and the other is available to the clubs". "Is good to know", it came from the round, because the concerned associations of theinfeld have no key. Councilman matthias geier explained that the keys are available, but not yet distributed.

Dominik rentsch wanted to know whether there would be a traffic island in the "weichselgarten" new construction area a street lamp is to be installed at the exit to the paul geier estate. The mayor wants to take care of this, as well as the traffic island within this new construction area.

Finally, there was the matter of the remaining paint on the firehouse. About the forecourt and the fire department access road, as well as the associated electrical installation, especially if this is to serve as a location for the christmas tree in the future, was asked. Finally, the issue of the damaged gates at the former raiffeisen warehouse, which is used by the trachtenkapelle theinfeld, was discussed. Here, according to mayor kloffel, the roof renovation has priority.

When mayor kloffel used his presentation to show a photo of the church in theinfeld and explained: "this is what the church looked like the year before", there was a short laugh because it still looks exactly the same today. The subject of church renovation has preoccupied the residents of theinfeld for years. When the mayor announced that he had received notification from the church administrator, thomas schmitt, immediately before the citizens’ meeting that the invitations to tender for the renovation could be started immediately, many people breathed a sigh of relief. 320,000 euros have been budgeted for the renovation of the roof and exterior facade. This sum is divided into a grant of 100,000 euros from the diocese of wurzburg, the municipality’s share of 200,000 euros, and the rest is the contribution from the church community of theinfeld. After the finance chamber of the diocese of wurzburg signaled that the subsidies will not be paid out until 2019 at the earliest, advance financing is necessary.