29-Year-old female paraglider pilot lands in tree

A paraglider landed in a beech tree near arnshausen on sunday. The young woman from the district of offenbach had possibly misjudged the winds around the forest aisle below the wittelsbach tower. Other paragliders assumed that she chose to land in a tree for safety’s sake. With hypothermia and shock, but otherwise uninjured, she was taken to the hospital for observation.

Popular take-off site with north wind

the accident happened shortly after 12.30 o’clock. Around 15 paragliders were flying in and above the wittelsbacher turm at the time. The site is especially popular when the wind comes from the north. "This is one of the few places far and wide for this wind direction", reports christian schlagel. The 25-year-old had come to arnshausen from wiesentheid. "The launch site here is not easy", he knows from his own experience, and: "something like this can happen very quickly."

One problem at the launch site below the wittelsbacher tower is that the slope does not reach all the way down into the valley. "Slope take-offs are always a bit more difficult, on open terrain you just land", also says burkard kuhn, the terrain officer at the saaletal paragliding club. The association has permission from the property owners to take off and land paragliders on the 385-meter-high slope and on a meadow about a hundred meters below.

"It happens sometimes", burkard kuhn commented on yesterday’s accident. However, despite the difficult conditions, the number of safety landings is limited: "as far as i know, this is the third time someone has been in a tree," says heinrich, reports the terrain officer . According to christian schlagel, the launch site is also not often used because north winds are rather rare.

In the end, the situation was solved by the mountain rescue service: "we are on standby all year round", head of operations robert heinrich emphasized that the mountain rescue team is not only out and about on ski slopes. Around 15 people from the oberbach and waldberg rescue teams arrived at the scene of the accident. "After 15 to 20 minutes we had the woman on the ground", heinrich said about the course of the actual rescue.

Rescuers go as high as they like

"in principle, two people are enough: one safe and one rescuer", the head of operations continued: "one of us goes up and sets the belay points: on the trunk with webbing slings, further up in branch forks. The paraglider was then slowly lowered from well over 20 meters above it. "We have no height limit, the rescuer only decides if the branches are still thick enough", says heinrich.