Hsg mainfranken flirts with the title fight

The hsg mainfranken women’s handball team seems to have an appetite for more. After last season’s strong second half, when they stormed to fourth place in the landesliga, they are now hungry for further success. Coach steffi placht says: "we want to play at the top. Our squad definitely has what it takes."

The season opener has a banger in store this saturday. For the first trip leads the team from kitzingen, mainbernheim and etwashausen to the 1. Fc nuremberg. The club ladies were relegated from the bavarian league last season and are among the title favorites. "That’s a big one. The very first game will show where we stand and how well we have worked in preparation," says placht.

But the hsg women need have no more than respect for the relegated team: they beat the fcn by a clear margin at their own preparatory tournament at the beginning of september and passed the other tests against the bavarian league teams from stadeln and bayreuth. In the end, the mainfranken team won the one-day competition. It was the successful conclusion of a mixed preparation period. Because placht was constantly missing players for the usual reasons, such as vacation, work or study. "I’ve only very rarely had all the girls at training. It’s a shame, but unfortunately it can’t be helped."After all, we play in a league between fun and competitive sports. So it’s a matter of keeping the girls in good spirits. Team spirit plays a major role here.

There have hardly been any personnel changes at the hsg. Julia meyer will not be available until at least january, possibly even longer. For the back-row player is expecting her first child in december. Gabi moser is wearing the hsg jersey more regularly again after a voluntary social year at the blsv house in inzell, but she won’t always be there because of her studies in bayreuth. The same could apply to christina neeser, who is playing for the mainfranken team with second playing rights. Constant changes therefore seem to be programmed.

"I’m glad that the cooperation with the reserve team is going very well and that there are always girls helping out with the first team," says placht, pleased with the functioning cooperation. That’s why the coach is also positive about the new season. "I’m going into the round with a good feeling. If we’re complete, we’ll be competitive."Her proteges have already shown what they are capable of in the past second half of the season: they catapulted from eleventh to fourth place in the table. That’s why your team now certainly has a good chance of playing in the top flight.

The hsg girls’ opening program is also playing into their hands. Because, as placht emphasizes, a good start is immensely important. And so the focus of the trainer is fully on the meeting with the nurnberg girls, in which she can probably draw from the full. One week later, lea geuder will be unavailable for three weeks. "There will always be some missing. That’s why not much can happen in terms of personnel," says placht. She is relying entirely on the euphoria sparked by the success of the previous year and on the team’s cohesion. That makes a lot of things possible. Maybe even the promotion.