In bad bruckenau: women move the church

The theme was: "silence is out. We talk! Women move the church!", it says in a press release.

Theologian edith fecher, who works as a course chaplain at the state spa in bad bruckenau, began her talk with a look at the current situation and the movements in the church on the women’s issue. In an overview, she presented the arguments of the ecclesiastical magisterium against equal rights, ordination and access to the ministry. With examples from the bible and church history, however, she was able to prove that women did indeed lead congregations and hold offices.

Argumentation aids for equal rights

With the "maria 2" movement.0" women advocate for equal rights in the church. Edith fecher, who works as a pastoral officer in the diocese of wurzburg, pointed out that other initiatives around the world are now fighting for this equality. With argumentation aids for equal rights, she gave material to participate in the discussions about it. According to fecher, this can be used to competently refute arguments against the ordination of women. The apostolic letter "ordinatio sacerdotalis" from 1994 is often cited as one of the main arguments against the ordination of women by pope john paul ii. From 1994 is often cited as one of the main arguments against the ordination of women, but its universal validity is now controversial among theologians.

As small steps of hope, she provided examples of leadership positions in the church that are now held by women. The "synodal way" also in the german catholic church, the women’s issue is one of the central themes. At the end, everyone prayed together for equal rights for men and women in the church. Visitors also had the opportunity to read the literature they had brought with them.